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Lesson 2 Physical Exam
A skillful or efficient way carry...,
Techniques used in health assessment,
An examination of the different b...
88  cards
Lesson 1 Beginning the Assessment
The nursing process,
A systematic rational method of p...,
Characteristic of nursing process
50  cards
Lesson 5 Skin, Hair and Nails
What includes the integumentary a...,
Largest organ of the body,
Three dimensional view of the skin
14  cards
Lesson 5 (Types of Skin leisons)
A localized collection of pus cau...,
Fluid filled elevation superficia...,
Is resulted from the dried secret...
19  cards
Lesson 5 (Abnormal Skin findings)
It is a bright red birthmark that...,
It is a permanent birthmark,
It is smooth flat pink red or pur...
68  cards
Lesson 6 (Parts of the Eye)
This protects the inside of your ...,
This is the white part of your ey...,
This clear thin layer covers the ...
18  cards
Lesson 6 (Parts of the ears)
What separates your outer ear and...,
The part of your ear that s visible,
It s what most people mean when t...
13  cards
Lesson 6 (Parts of the nose)
Where is the inner part of the nose,
Triangular shaped projection in t...,
Two chambers divided by the septum
6  cards
Lesson 6 (Part of the throat)
A ring like muscular tube,
It is the passageway for air food...,
The throat is made up of
12  cards
Lesson 6 (EENT)
To investigate a complaint about ...,
What do you get on physical asses...,
What do you get on physical asses...
78  cards
Lesson 7 (Thorax and lung Assessment)
Four components of a respiratory ...,
Forms the thorax cage rib cage po...,
The ribs are anchored
53  cards
Lesson 7 (Lung condition)
Damage to the lungs that resulted...,
Most common cause of copd,
A form of copd usually caused by ...
20  cards
Lesson 7 (Laboratory Tests)
The most common first test for lu...,
Uses x rays and a computer to mak...,
A series of tests to evaluate how...
10  cards
Lesson 8 Common abbreviations used to refer chambers
Right atrium,
Right ventricular,
Left atrium
7  cards
Lesson 8 Assessment of Cardiovascular
The part of the ventral surface o...,
What topographical landmark consi...,
What topographical landmark consi...
32  cards
Lesson 8 (Diseases of the Heart)
Diseases of the arteries that sup...,
One of the most common forms of h...,
What is the other term for chest ...
14  cards
Lesson 8 (Diseases of the Blood vessels)
Are essentially hollow tubes that...,
These blood vessels carry blood a...,
These blood vessels carry deoxyge...
9  cards
Lesson 8 (Choices in Heart Scan)
Choices in heart scan,
Detects heart abnormalities disea...,
In echocardiography what is the t...
11  cards
A movement of the limb away from ...,
A rounded cavity on the right and...,
The movement of a limb toward the...
41  cards
Lesson 9 musculoskeletal
Major functions of the musculoske...,
What does the musculoskeletal sys...,
How many bones does the skeleton ...
58  cards
Lesson 10 Neurological
What are the two regions of the n...,
Control center of the body,
Right and left hemispheres fronta...
78  cards
Cranial nerves
Pupil constriction lid elevation ...,
12  cards
Newborn reflexes
This reflex starts when the corne...,
When something touches a baby s p...,
Stroking the palm of a baby s han...
6  cards

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