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What is learning,
What is associative learning,
What is cognitive learning
21  cards
What are the 3 key components of ...,
What is encoding,
What are the main types of encoding
25  cards
infancy & childhood
What is motor development of infants,
What are examples of gross motor ...,
What are examples of fine motor s...
28  cards
What is puberty,
What happens in the pre frontal c...,
Describe erikson cognitive develo...
15  cards
What is the definition of pain,
Define chronic pain
14  cards
principles of healthcare ethics
What are the 4 principles of biom...,
What are the 2 aspects of the pri...,
What are the doctors health care ...
13  cards
predicting and measuring health behavior
What is health behavior,
What are the most successful publ...,
Describe the health belief model ...
28  cards
disordered eating and obesity
What is obesity,
What does bmi not take into consi...,
What are the causes of obesity
25  cards
adulthood & aging
Describe erikson s stage intimacy...,
Describe stage 7 generatively vs ...,
Describe stage 8 integrity vs des...
24  cards
brief interventions tutorial
What do the 5 a s stand for,
Describe ask i the 5 a s,
Describe advise in the 5a s
10  cards
alcohol use
What country are the highest cons...,
How many units of alcohol are saf...,
According to the who what can bin...
15  cards
risky sexual behaviours
What is sexual health,
What are the 4 core aspects of se...,
What are examples of high risk se...
12  cards
What is a placebo,
What can placebos help researcher...,
What is a randomised controlled t...
19  cards
complimentary & alternative medicine
What is cam complimentary alterna...,
What are the 5 broad areas of cam,
What is a monopolistic relationsh...
11  cards
introduction to stress and health
Why is it important for healthcar...,
How can stress be thought of and ...,
What are examples of stressful ev...
15  cards
intellectual and physical disability and access to healthcare
What is a physical disability,
What are examples of life long ph...
10  cards
What is adherence,
What is the problem with the adhe...,
What 3 things is adherence divide...
18  cards
social context
What is conformity,
What are examples of conformity i...,
Why do people conform
11  cards
gender and health
What is sex,
What is gender,
What are examples of gender
20  cards
gender baswed violence
What is gender based violence,
Who are the main victims of gende...,
What are examples of gender based...
21  cards
palliative care
What are the attitudes to death i...,
Why is the hospice favoured over ...,
Why is there poor satisfaction wi...
15  cards
quality and assessment in healthcare
What are the ioms 6 dimensions of...,
What are the measurement types of...,
What is objective measurement
7  cards
0  cards

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