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Chapter 7 - Persia
What are the 4 persian dynasties,
What years were the achaemenids a...,
What two peoples composed the ach...
33  cards
Chapter 10 - Greece
In order list the timeline of anc...,
What time period was the aegean b...,
What time period was the greek da...
106  cards
Chapter 10 - Cont.
What is rhetoric,
Who were sophists,
What is the socratic method
28  cards
Chapter 11 - Rome
Why was augustus caesar s hair de...,
Who is livy,
What is julius caesar s relation ...
83  cards
Chapter 11 - Cont.
What is a latifundia,
Rome referred to the mediterranea...,
How was tiberius elected by the t...
61  cards
Midterm Dates and Outlines
How did women s rights vary acros...,
How did agriculture influence the...,
Describe the ways of war for any ...
14  cards
Who was thucydides,
Who was herodotus,
How do historians learn about the...
9  cards
Chapter 1 - Hominids
What were the first hominids to d...,
What were the first hominids to l...,
What were the first hominids to m...
9  cards
Chapter 2 - Mesopotamia
What does the word mesopotamia mean,
Where was mesopotamia located,
Where was sumer located
13  cards
Chapter 16 - Byzantines
Which of the two roman administra...,
What is an autocrat,
Who is justinian
58  cards
Chapter 19 - Medieval Europe
What was the holy roman empire,
How did wealthy landowners underm...,
When was the battle of hastings
34  cards
Chapter 21 - 100 Years War
What evidence is there for richar...,
What are some reasons for embarki...,
Who was marco polo
27  cards
Chapter 23 - England
When did martin luther commence h...,
What led to the increased greed a...,
What were some of martin luther s...
32  cards
Chapter 25 - Slave Trade
Who was adam smith,
What is mercantilism,
What is capitalism
22  cards
Chapter 28 - Revolutions
What is natural law,
How did the age of enlightenment ...,
Who was thomas hobbes
52  cards
Chapter 28 - Cont.
What did napoleon do in the battl...,
How did napoleon go from consul f...,
What are some things that napoleo...
40  cards
Chapter 29 - Industrialization
What did industrialization do to ...,
Why was wood replaced by coal as ...,
What did john kay invent
26  cards
Chapter 33 - World War I Prelude
Why was the 1st modern olympic ga...,
What were the 3 factors that led ...,
What is nationalism
26  cards
Chapter 33 and 34 - Age of Anxiety
What were aircrafts used for thro...,
What was the life of a pilot like,
Who was baron richthofen
58  cards
Chapter 36 - World War II
What economic problems were germa...,
What was the weimar republic,
What is mein kampf
76  cards
Chapter 3 - Egypt
What is the source of the nile river,
Who founded memphis and unified e...,
How long was ramses ii pharaoh
13  cards
Chapter 8 - China
Who was confucius,
What is daosism,
Who was qin shihuangdi
5  cards
Chapter 31 and 32 - Neo-Imperialism
Why was the ottoman empire in dec...,
Why was egypt the ottoman empires...,
What did muhammad ali not the box...
37  cards

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