horse quiz bowl

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Blood blood vessels and the heart...,
What serves as the pump for the c...,
What is primary function of the e...
328  cards
Body Condition
What is the procedure where horse...,
What are the six places on the ho...,
What is the difference between a ...
7  cards
Breeds and Breed Characteristics
What is the average height of the...,
What breed of horse is shown in t...,
What are two four beat gaits that...
103  cards
Colors and Markings
Name the basic five colors of a h...,
A horse with body color ranging f...,
The bay color system has six geno...
28  cards
What is conformation,
From what four angles should you ...,
What are the two primary structur...
22  cards
How do you determine the age of a...,
What is the most important aspect...,
Name three anatomic structures of...
40  cards
Define anemia,
What is the only time iron definc...,
What term is used for the lack of...
144  cards
What are the five factors that in...,
What is a herbivore,
What part of the digestive tract ...
136  cards
Parasites and insects
What is the most common physical ...,
What is the least safe class of d...,
Parasites that attack the skin an...
39  cards
What term is used to describe the...,
When the paired genes are not ide...,
When the paired genes are identic...
102  cards
Tack and Equipment
Name the materials bits can be ma...,
What is a happy mouth,
What type of bit has four reins a...
119  cards
New Questions
What is the easiest method to mon...,
Name four fat soluble vitamins,
What two factors influence hoof size
250  cards
Define exercise,
What is the study of the horse s ...,
What is included in exercise phys...
32  cards
Disciplines and Associations
What type of horse is specially t...,
Name the three reasons why indivi...,
What discipline of horse is known...
57  cards
What is the material is used to c...,
What are the purposes of good bed...,
Of the common kinds of bedding wh...
40  cards
Submitted Questions
What horse was the winner of 21 o...,
Describe a light seal brown coat ...,
What four things make up the urin...
25  cards
Competition Questions
Which breed has had the most infl...,
What is the primary difference be...,
What term refers to a mature fema...
336  cards

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