human anatomy and physiology

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organisation of the human body
Define anatomy,
Define physiology,
What are the names of the differe...
50  cards
atomical terms
Why do we use atomical terms,
Explain the anatomical position,
What are directional terms and gi...
7  cards
cell structure and function
Describe the general cell structure,
Describe the function of the cell...,
Describe the contentse of the cel...
28  cards
protein synthesis
What are the 2 steps in protein s...,
Why does transcription have to ta...,
How does protein synthesis differ...
9  cards
cell cycle
Name and summarise the 3 phases o...,
Which type of cells mainly undert...,
What is the cell cycle
18  cards
epithelial tissue
Define tissues,
Whats the 4 basic types of tissue,
What are the common features of e...
25  cards
connective tissue
Connective tissue is the most ___...,
Connective tissue is made up of what,
Connective tissue has a large amo...
45  cards
the integumentary system
The integumentary system refers t...,
What does the integumentary syste...,
What is the structure of skin als...
52  cards
homeostatic imbalances of the skin
Skin cancer is induced by what,
Skin cancer is most common in wha...,
How common and treatable is skin ...
35  cards
organisation of the nervous system
Name the structures in the nervou...,
Name the 3 functions of nerves,
Explain the function of sensory r...
11  cards
nervous tissue
What are the 2 categories called ...,
Describe neuron cells,
Describe neuroglia neural glue cells
28  cards
nerve transmission
What are action potentials,
What do nerve cells require,
Whats a membrane potential
40  cards
the brain
The brain requires what body s ox...,
The brain blood supply requires a...,
The brain is protected by what
24  cards
the spinal cord
Explain the protection and coveri...,
Describe the dura matter structure,
Describe the arachnoid mater
16  cards
the automatic nervous system
Compare somatic to automatic nerv...,
Whats the motor pathway of somati...,
Whats the motor pathway of automa...
15  cards
the muscular system
How much of our total body weight...,
Skeletal muscle is primarily atta...,
Is skeletal muscles movement volu...
32  cards
the neuromuscular junction
What triggers muscle action poten...,
How are nerve signals delivered,
What can 1 neuron trigger
15  cards
muscle function
Explain muscle metabolism on term...,
Explain glycolysis in terms of fo...,
Which metabolic process provides ...
41  cards
bone structure and function
Name the 4 types of bones,
Describe long bones,
Describe short bones
21  cards
bone formation and repair
Ossification occurs in what 4 pri...,
Name the 2 bone formation mechanisms,
Describe the bone formation mecha...
30  cards
axial skeleton
Name the 2 divisions of the skele...,
How many bones is the axial skele...,
Appendicular skeleton is composed...
26  cards
appendicular skeleton
How many bones are in appendicula...,
Name the structures included in t...,
What does the pectoral gridle do
24  cards
What are joints articulations,
How can joints articulations be c...,
What are joints supported by and ...
24  cards
endocrine function
The nervous and endocrine systems...,
Explain the comparison of cells t...,
Compare the functions of nervous ...
12  cards
Name the 2 chemical classes of ho...,
Explain lipid soluble hormones,
Explain water soluble hormones
16  cards
hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal gland
Hypothalamus and pituitary is the...,
Hypothalamic nerve cells synthesi...,
Pituitary endocrine cells synthes...
22  cards
thyroid and parathyroid glands
Wheres thyroid gland located,
Explain follicular and parafollic...,
What do t4 and t3 increase
11  cards
adrenal glands and gonads
Where are adrenal glands found,
Name the 2 separate gland structu...,
Name the 3 zones in the cortex 3 ...
19  cards
cardiovascular system - structure and function of heart
What is cardiac,
What is cardiology,
Describe the direction of blood f...
28  cards
cardiovascular system - coronary circulation
Name the types of blood vessels,
Name the 3 distinct layers of the...,
Explain the tunica interna intima...
21  cards
cardiovascular system - cardiac conduction system
What is the cardiac conduction sy...,
What are autorhythmic cells,
What action potentials do autorhy...
28  cards
cardiovascular system - cardiac function and dysfunction
All events of the cardiac cycle a...,
What happens normally in the card...,
Define systole
47  cards
cardiovascular system - haemodynamics
What is haemodynamics,
Blood flow is determined by what,
What does resistance to blood flo...
37  cards
respiratory system composition
Explain the definition of respira...,
Name the 2 anatomical components ...,
Explain the nasal cavity location...
16  cards
pulmonary ventilation
Air moves in and out lungs cos of...,
Explain boyles law,
Explain muscle respiration in ter...
36  cards
gas exchange and transport
Once air enters lungs how does o2...,
Describe the respiratory membrane...,
Name the 6 diff layers of the res...
35  cards
respiration regulation and dysregulation
Regulation of respiration can var...,
The regulation of respiration is ...,
What 2 areas of the brain stem is...
22  cards
kidney structure and function
Name the urinary system components,
Define nephrology,
Define urology
54  cards
urine formation
Name the 3 basic processes of uri...,
Explain glomerular filtration pro...,
Glomerular filtration depends on ...
37  cards
urinary system indicators of health and disease
Explain concentrating urine,
Absorbed water is returned to the...,
Whats the speed of blood flow thr...
49  cards
sex hormones
What are hormones,
Each hormone has a target cell wh...,
What 3 groups are hormones classi...
26  cards
female reproductive system
What is the only human organ syst...,
What in both sexes is designed to...,
Wheres the uterus located
47  cards
male reproductive system
The male reproductive system prod...,
In what way is the male reproduct...,
What is the scrotum and what comp...
55  cards
mouth to stomach
What parts of the body are involv...,
Why do we need the digestive system,
What is catabolism and what does ...
54  cards
small intestine and accessory organs
How long is the small intestine,
Explain the sections and their le...,
Where does the small intestine go...
45  cards
large intestine
Name the 4 regions of the large i...,
Explain the cecum region of the l...,
Explain the colon region of the l...
14  cards
sensory receptors and pain
What are the body parts that cont...,
What are the body parts that cont...,
What can the senses be classified...
34  cards
taste and smell
How do we taste gustation,
How many taste buds are there,
Where are taste buds found
20  cards
What is sight,
Name the accessory structures for...,
What is a sty
51  cards
hearing and equilibrium
What is hearing,
What is equilibrium,
What is sound
36  cards
cv - lymphatic system
What makes up the lymphatic system,
Describe the accessory fluid,
The lymphatic system is vital to ...
34  cards
endocrine - pancreas
Pancreas shape and location,
How is the pancreas also exocrine,
Where are endocrine cells found i...
10  cards

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