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Brief History of the Guidance and Counseling Movement
Early guidance work involved indi...,
The definition of guidance contin...
37  cards
Definitions of Guidance, Counseling and Psychotherapy
___ is a general term which means...,
___ first appeared around the ___...
11  cards
Foundational Principles of Counseling
___ is the principle that address...,
The essence of this principle is ...,
___ addresses the responsibility ...
18  cards
Nature of the Counselor's Work
Although we have no control over ...,
___ ___ and ___ creates the couns...,
The counseling relationship requi...
42  cards
Rudimentary Skills in Counseling
___ involves actively paying atte...,
___ is accomplished through prese...,
Under attending to be present or ...
55  cards
Issues Faced by Beginning Therapists
It is when most beginning counsel...,
Because you may be self conscious...,
It is when we burden ourselves th...
15  cards
Stages And Elements of Counseling
___ is the first stage of counseling,
___ is the second stage of,
___ is the third stage of the cou...
12  cards
Overview of the Four Broad Conceptual Orientations
___ is a road map that guides the...,
A ___ is a fundamental element of...,
A ___ offers us a comprehensive s...
88  cards
___ sigmund freud was born either...,
Sigmund was the ___ order of ___ ...,
Sigmund was well versed in langua...
100  cards
Existentialist View
___ deals with the dynamic or eve...,
Life has no inherent meaning it i...,
There are ___ propositions of exi...
30  cards
Person-Centered Theory
As children develop an awareness ...,
The necessary and sufficient cond...,
Under psychological contact brodl...
18  cards
Gestalt Theory
Gestalt psychology was first deve...,
Essentially gestalt psychology is...,
In gestalt psychology the field c...
51  cards

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