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How did the estruscans help italy...,
How did the greeks help italy s v...,
How did the romans help italy s v...
91  cards
Valle D’Aosta
What are the major historical eve...,
Climatic influences in vda,
Name the ntk varietals for vda 2 ...
21  cards
What are the aging requirements i...,
Where is ghemme,
What is the blending requirement ...
80  cards
What does bricco mean,
Define sori,
23  cards
Name the ntk white 3 and red 2 va...,
What are the soil types 2 in liguria,
What are the topographical charac...
17  cards
Describe the 3 climatic zones in ...,
Name the ntk native 5 and interna...,
Name the sub regions in lombardia 6
32  cards
Emilia Romagna
What are the culinary traditions ...,
Describe the history of wine in e r,
Name the 3 lambrusco varieties an...
33  cards
What are the rivers and valley in...,
What factors influence climate in...,
What makes dolomite and limestone...
30  cards
Alto Adige/Suditrol
Describe the wine industry in the...,
Where are the wine growing region...,
What is the climate of aa
32  cards
Describe veneto s wine industry,
Name the key historical point for...,
How is veneto s winegrowing areas...
49  cards
Fruili Venezia Giulia
Describe friuli s wine industry,
What are the famous sweet whites ...,
What are key historical events in...
43  cards
What are the important rose appel...,
What are key features of tuscanys...,
What does toscana mea
57  cards
What are the principal rosatos of...
1  cards
What are the principal rosatos of...
1  cards
Orvieto is interregional betweenw...
1  cards

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