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Introduction Blue Boxes (8-20)
Cause of blueish looking skin cya...,
Where to check for cyanosis,
Causes of reddish skin erythema
43  cards
Anterior Forearm Muscles
Protenator teres,
Flexor carpi radialis,
Palmaris longus
8  cards
Scapula, Deltoid, and Pectoral Region Blue Boxes
Occasionally the clavicle is pier...,
What is the weakest part of the c...,
After clavicle fracture what tend...
34  cards
Back Blue Boxes
What is a common metabolic bone d...,
What results from a net demineral...,
Osteoporosis affects which areas ...
104  cards
Nerve lesions in arm
Axillary nerve lesion,
Musculocutaneous nerve lesion,
Radial nerve lesion
10  cards
Early Embryology Blue Boxes
When nondisjuction occurs during ...,
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis...,
Early implantation of the _____ i...
26  cards
Mimi's Forearm and Hand Muscles, Innervation, Function
Pronator teres attachments,
Pronator teres nerve and artery,
Pronator teres action
88  cards
Embryology 1 (Early Stages)
What do fimbria do,
Where does a developing embryo ty...,
Where does fertilization typicall...
27  cards
Forearm Flexors/Palm of Hand Blue Boxes
Repetitive use of superficial ext...,
Repeated forceful extension and f...,
What is the injury called when th...
37  cards
Quiz 2 Practice Questions
What blood vessels perfuses the c...,
What blood vessel perfuses the,
What spinal level s are associate...
41  cards
Embryology - Muscles, Somites, Limbs, Lung
A somite starts off as mesenchyma...,
Sclerotome cells surround ___,
__sclerotomes split and recombine...
45  cards
Heart and Mediastinum Blue Boxes
Division between the superior and...,
Anatomical descriptions describe ...,
In the supine position
31  cards
Pleurae, Lungs, And Tracheobronchial Tree Blue Boxes
Which structures project through ...,
Wounds to the base of the neck ca...,
An abdominal incision can enter t...
55  cards
Muscles of Lower Half
Tensor fascia lata,
Rectus femoris
25  cards
foramen in skull
Cribiform plate,
Optic canal,
Superior orbital fissure
13  cards
muscles of head and neck
Frontal belly of occipitofrontalis,
Occipital belly of occipitofrontalis,
Orbicularis oculi
38  cards

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