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Axillary nerve lesion


inability to abduct partially abducted arm beyond first 15 degrees

no sensory over lower deltoid

teres minor atrophies


Musculocutaneous nerve lesion

loss of biceps reflex

loss of flexion at elbow

weak supination


Radial nerve lesion

extensor at all arm, wrist and finger joints below shoulder

forearm supination

thumb adduction in plane of palm

loss of triceps and radial reflex

wrist drop


Median nerve lesion

loss of flexion, weak pronation

loss of thenar mm (can still adduct and extend)

preachers/orator's hand: index finger, thumb, and middle finger (partially) not able to flex

ape (simian) hand: thumb extended and adducted, fingers extended


Ulnar nerve lesion

loss of abduction and adduction of fingers

loss adduction of thumb

weak wrist flexion and adduction

claw hand: extension of distal fingers 4 and 5, flexion of distal fingers 2 and 3


Erb-Duchenne palsy

tearing of C5-C6 roots in motorcycle accidents, birthing, etc.


Klumpke's paralysis

occurs when there is an injury to C8-T1 roots (very rare)


C5 lesion

weakness: deltoid, infraspinatus, biceps

reflex decreased: biceps, pectoralis

sensory abnormality: shoulder, upper lateral arm

disc involved: C4-C5


C6 lesion

weakness: wrist extensors, biceps

reflex decreased: biceps, brachioradialis

sensory abnormality: first and second fingers, lateral forearm

disc involved: C5-C6


C7 lesion

weakness: triceps

reflex decreased: triceps

sensory abnormality: 3rd finger

disc involved: C6-C7