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Repetitive use of superficial extensors of the forearm will result in what condition characterized by pain over lateral epicondyle and radiating down the posterior surface of forearm?

Elbow tendinitis ("Tennis elbow")


Repeated forceful extension and flexion of the wrist strains the common extensor tendon. This will produce inflammation where?

Periosteum of the lateral epicondyle (lateral epicondylitis)


What is the injury called when the tendon is torn off the distal phalanx? It usually happens during a baseball game.

Mallet Finger/Baseball Finger


In "Mallet Finger" what function will be lost.

Extension of the finger at the distal interphalangeal joint.


A "fractured elbow" will break what bone?

Olecrannon of the ulna.


In a fractured elbow what problem does the triceps brachii pose?

When you fall on your elbow and break it the triceps will contract. This will pull the fractured olecrannon apart and become an avulsion fracture.


What is the common place for cystic swelling to occur.

Dorsum of the wrist. (See Katie for example) Or in other cases the distal attachment of the extensor carpi radialis brevis.


What action makes a cyst on the wrist swell and become painful over time?

Wrist flexion.


Painful swelling of a cyst on the wrist is referred to as what?

A ganglion


A cyst on the common flexor sheath on anterior of wrist will compress which nerve?



True or false? The brachial artery can divide more proximally than normal.

True. When this happens the median nerve runs between the eary divisions of the brachial artery. (Between the radial and ulnar arteries)


What about the ulnar artery needs to be kept in mind when withdrawing blood or making intravenous injections?

In about 3% of people the ulnar artery descends superficially to the superficial flexors of the forearm. So the ulnar artery could possibly be mistaken for a vein and punctured. If drugs are injected here it could kill the patient.


Best places to get a pulse on the forearm/wrist?

Distal end of the radius lateral to the tendon of the flexor carpi radialis. Or the anatomical snuffbox.


Why is it a bad idea to use thumb to measure pulse?

Thumb has it's own pulse that will completely mess up the results.


A superficial vessel pulsating near the wrist is most likely what?

Superficial radial artery.


What is the danger of the radial artery being superficial to the deep fascia instead of deep to it?

It becomes vulnerable to laceration.


If a person can't make a proper "ok" signal which nerve is damaged? Due to absence of flexion of IP joint of thumb and distal IP joint of index finger.

Anterior interosseous


What will lose the ability to flex if median nerve is damaged at elbow?

Proximal IP joints for digits 1-3 and flexion of 4th and 5th digits weakened. Distal IP flexion of 2nd and 3rd digits lost as well.


What muscle is disabled by median nerve damage that prevents flexion of MP joints at digits 2 and 3?



In pronator syndrome where is the median nerve entrapped?

Between the heads of the pronator teres.


What is responsible for when a median nerve is lesioned completely but not all the muscles it innervated are paralyzed?

Communications between the ulnar and median nerve. These small branches between the two can keep muscles that should be paralyzed active and lead to the conclusion that the median nerve isn't damaged.


Where is the ulnar nerve most commonly injured?

Posterior medial epicondyle of humerus.


Main four places ulnar nerve damage is going to happen?

Posterior medial epicondyle of humerus, cubital tunnel, wrist, and in the hand.


"Claw hand" is produced by what and affects what movements?

It's produced by ulnar nerve damage and affects the 4th and 5th digits at the distal IP joints.


What makes up the cubital tunnel?

Tendinous arch joining the humeral and ulnar heads of attachment to the flexor carpi ulnaris.


Humeral shaft fracture will damage what nerve?



What is the proper specific name for the deep branch of the radial nerve?

Posterior Interosseous nerve


If a dude gets stabbed in the posterior forearm and the deep radial nerve is severed what won't work anymore?

Inability to extend the thumb or digits at the MP joint.


What sensory functions are lost when a stabbing cuts the deep radial nerve?

None. Deep radial is muscle only.


If the superficial branch of radial nerve is cut what sensory function is lost?

Small coin shaped area at base of metacarpals 1 and 2 will lose feeling because of the overlap between ulnar and median nerves.