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1.0 Human Rights
Define human rights,
35  cards
Nature Of Crime
Define crime,
How do you prove someone guilty o...,
What does situational crime preve...
16  cards
Recognition of same-sex relationships
What raised public awareness that...,
Crimes amendment act nsw,
Property relationships legislatio...
14  cards
1.1 a)Recognition of HR: slavery
When did movement to end slavery ...,
What did the lords mansfield hold,
What was passed in 1890 to end sl...
18  cards
1.1 b) Recognition of HR: Trade Unionism
What was a criminal offence in 18...,
What happened as 18th century ind...,
What act prohibited the formation...
18  cards
1.1 c) Recognition of HR: Universal Suffrage
What is a fundamental right of ci...,
For which class was suffrage init...,
When did women get the right to v...
32  cards
1.2 Developing recognition of HR
Why might hr not be universally a...,
What do emerging arguments say ab...,
What has been the impact of a gro...
5  cards
1.1 d) Developing recognition of HR: Education
What article of the undhr gives a...,
Where does universal education re...,
Before the 1800s what was rare in...
15  cards
1.1 e) The collective right to self determination
What is self determination,
Who has the right of self determi...,
Where is the right to self determ...
29  cards
1.1 f) Developing recognition of environmental rights
Define environmental rights,
What agreed to in 1972 that was v...,
Why are environmental rights stil...
33  cards
1.1 g) Developing recognition of HR: Peace
Are peace rights still developing,
Define peace rights,
What did grotius a dutch lawyer a...
15  cards
Theme 3: The development of HR: areflection of changing values and ethical standards
Hr as a western concept,
Despite hr being seen as a wester...,
Hr are indivisible
10  cards
1.3 Formal Statements of HR
How have major developments of hr...,
What was the first formal stateme...,
Why was a formal statement of hr ...
35  cards
2.2 e), f) Roles of non-legal bodies/measures in promoting/enforcing HR
What do ngos do to promote enforc...,
What do humanitarian bodies like ...,
What does hr watch since approxim...
37  cards
2.3, 2.4 a), b), c), d) Australia's incorporation of HR into domestic law
How is international law largely ...,
When an international treaty is n...,
Since australia is under the dual...
100  cards
2.3 Australia's incorporation of HR into domestic law: Criminal law, media, NGOs
How does international law protec...,
What does the concept of est beyo...,
What do vis do
16  cards
2.4 g) The role of a Charter of Rights (Arguments for and Against)
How many international treaties h...,
When was the 1st attempt to incor...,
Is australia the only western dem...
73  cards
Effectiveness of domestic responses in promoting and enforcing rights
0  cards
3 Asylum Seekers
What do asylum seekers do,
Why wouldnt asylum seekers go to ...,
Why are asylum seekers called que...
65  cards
Crime: T/C: Discretion
What does discretion refer to,
When is discretion exercised in t...,
What discretion do police have cip
39  cards
Crime: T/C: Extent to whcih law reflects moral & ethical standards
What is the cjs strongly linked to,
What shapes all areas of criminal...,
Why might people break the law
32  cards
The role of law reform in the CJS
What did the nsw law reform commi...,
How can law be reformed,
What bodies recommend law reform
49  cards
Changing Nature of Parental Responsibility
Amended laws stating children wer...,
1998 fla 1975 cth,
4  cards
tricky multiple choice
Amir a malaysian citizen is wante...,
The nsw council of civil libertie...,
Which of the following is conside...
7  cards
Evaluating the effectiveness of international responses in promoting & enforcing HR
0  cards
2.1 Promoting and enforcing rights: State Sovereignty
State sovereignty,
In assessing the role of ss in pr...,
Despite ss being recognised by th...
10  cards
2.2 a), b), c), d) Promoting and enforcing HR: International responses
Role of un in promoting and enfor...,
Define un,
How does the general assembly pro...
76  cards
2 Criminal Investigation Process
Police powers granted under,
What are the 6 pp granted under l...,
Who are vulnerable persons and wh...
45  cards
5. Crime: Young Offenders
0 9 years of age,
10 13,
14 15 years old
5  cards
3. Criminal Trial Process: Court Jurisdiction, Adversary, juries, plea/charge negotiation
Are ppl sent to drug court if the...,
Drug court of nsw,
Local court
36  cards
3.CTP: Use of evience, Defences to criminal charges,
0  cards
Family Law:Nature of
Pf through contemporary examples,
The role of the law in,
Issues of
58  cards
Family Law: Relationship Breakdown Essay
P1 how has a shift in changing so...,
P1 what are the provisions of s48...,
P1 what do the variety of options...
32  cards
Family: Care and Protection of Children
Intro what are non legal response...,
Intro what has happened to societ...,
Intro what the issues to this sta...
44  cards
cards 1
P1 how has a shift in changing so...,
P1 what are the provisions of s48...,
P1 what do the variety of options...
17  cards
Family: 2. Responses to problems in family relationships: DV
Domestic violence is principally ...,
Intro due to the extremely comple...,
Intro due to the extremely comple...
38  cards
Family 2. Responss to problems in Family Relationships: Courts and Dispute resolution methds
3 functions of the court,
Jurisdiction of family court,
Fcc established in to
8  cards
Family: Care and Protection of Children
What was the significance of the ...,
What court hears cases relating t...
2  cards
Family: Recognition of same- sex relationships
What act decriminalised homosexua...,
Toonen v led to decriminalisation of,
Property relationships act 1999 n...
21  cards
Family: Changing nature of parental responsibility
What amended historical laws whic...,
Matrimonial causes act 1959 cth i...,
Family law act 1975 cth defines p...
29  cards
Family: Surrogacy & birth technologies
Status of children act 1996 nsw gave,
B v j 1996,
Case that created presumption of ...
21  cards
World Order: Defintitions
World order,
Need for world order,
Wo is an evolving concept because
31  cards
WO: Rules regarding the conduct of hostilities
1st geneva convention,
1st 1864 and 2nd 1949 geneva conv...,
3rd geneva convention
7  cards
more general stuff- crime
Whilst redressing imbalances to j...
1  cards
Courts- family
Legal responses to problems that ...,
Established inthe federal circuit...,
The court was primarily designed ...
16  cards

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