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Mi in mensturating woman,
Mi in mensturating woman,
Chest pain must find out if they ...
212  cards
Shave biopsy or full thickness bi...,
Is shave biopsy okay for bcc,
Type of surgery for bcc
71  cards
Alarming symptoms to do endoscopy,
Alarming symptoms to do endoscopy,
Young patient with progressive dy...
133  cards
Hy symptoms of depression,
First line agent in depression,
2 exceptions to ssri use in depre...
139  cards
Only type of microcytic anaemia w...,
Only type of microcytic anaemia w...,
New fact about sideroblastic anemia
136  cards
Gen Surg
Numer one limiting factor prior t...,
History of cv disease predisposin...,
If had a recent mi and surgery
189  cards
MSK= rheum and ortho
Absence of inflammation and norma...,
Best initial analgesic in oa,
Efficacy of glucosamine and chron...
166  cards
Cxr dx,
Pa posteroanterior,
Ap films
54  cards
Best initial test breast cancer,
Which type of biopsy is the best ...,
Fn rate of fna for breast cancer
57  cards
Renal & GU
Best initial test in nephro,
Urinalysis consists of,
Normally excrete which protein
236  cards
Describe a bacterial conjunctivitis,
Describe a viral conjunctivitis,
Red eye and history of trauma
28  cards
Additional finding in kallman syn...,
Growth hormone deficiency in adults,
Gh levels low
79  cards
Preventive Medicine
Which cancer screening method low...,
Breast cancer screening,
Breast self exam
47  cards
Oral temperature in patient breat...,
Asthma epidemiology,
Best initial test in acute asthma...
147  cards
Emergency Medicine
Gastric lavage useful in,
All types of gastric emptying are...,
Always wrong answer git emptying
142  cards
Infectious Disease
Amoxicillin coverage,
Amoxicillin best initial tx for,
Penicillinase resistant pencillins
202  cards
Allergy and Immunology
Anaphylaxis is defined by the,
Health care workers common cause ...
20  cards
Pc contra weakness or sensory los...,
If you are right handed,
Pc personality and confusion urin...
128  cards
Normal rr newborn,
Normal hr newborn,
Things that are done for every baby
169  cards
Developmental age
119  cards

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