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What are the high minimums SIC limitations (less than 100 hours)?

- Special Airports

- Visibility (Prevailing) at or below 3/4 mile

(Visibility below 1 SM, takeoffs made by captain)

- RVR at or below 4,000 feet

(RVR less than 5,000 feet, takeoffs made by captain)

- Windshear reported in vicinity of airport

- X-wind greater than 15 Knots

- Braking Action less than good

- Runway Contamination

- PIC discretion


What is the requirement regarding scuba diving and reporting for duty?

Crew members must not participate in scuba diving within 24 hours of reporting for duty


What is the requirement regarding blood donation and reporting for duty?

Crew members shall not report for duty within 72 hours of donating blood


Regarding operational control, who has command responsibility?

The PIC and dispatcher are jointly responsible for preflight planning, delays and dispatch release of flight


Regarding operational control, what are the dispatcher responsibilities?

- Monitoring the progress of the flight

- Issuing information for the safety of flight

- Canceling or re-dispatching a flight, if opinion of PIC or dispatcher, flight cannot continue safely as planned or released


What are the operational rules as a crew member at Mesa?

- Show time is 45 minutes prior to departure time

- Responsibility of Crew member to get adequate rest

- Fatigued Crew members must contact Crew tracking immediately

- 30 minutes prior to departure, FO responsibility to contact Crew to find out where they are, if you don't know


What are the duties of a Crew member in regards to child restraint systems?


- Mesa does not supply child restraint systems

- It is the parent's responsibility to see that their restraint system is approved, their child is the correct size and weight, and that the restraint system is properly secured in the purchased passenger seat


Passenger Acceptance, Mesa does not accept passengers who are...

- Intoxicated

- Disabled Passengers, who cannot sit upright in the seat

- Infants requiring incubators or life monitoring systems

- Pregnant, expecting delivery within 7 days, unless doctors note is provided within 72 hours of departure

- Barefooted (except infants)

- Oxygen dependent passengers, or on life support

- Big passengers (who cannot use a seat belt extender or fit in seat)

- Firearm carrying passengers, unless they're government or official employees licensed to carry

- Less than one day old infants

- Unaccompanied minors for online travel under 5 years old, (interline at least 8 years old)


What are the required items needed for the Crew kit?

- Inflight Pubs (Jeppesen)

- Airman Certificate

- Medical Certificate

- Writing Pen

- Employee ID

- Logbook

- Passport

- Flashlight (2 D Cell or equivalent)

- Glasses (if wearing corrective lenses)


How many hours must you receive after your checkride and in how long of time frame to qualify as a flight crew member?

100 hours (including IOE) within 120 days


What is the flight crew qualification regarding landing currency?

3 takeoffs and landings in an approved visual simulator or in the aircraft type within the preceding 90 days


What must each airman have in their possession at all times while acting as a crew member?

Airman Certificate, Medical Certificate


Explain "Green on Green" pairing requirements

Either PIC or SIC must have 75 hours in aircraft type either as pilot in command or second in command (Two lower than 75 hour pilots cannot be paired together)


When must you submit your new medical to Mesa and to which department?

By the 25th of the month the medical is due to crew qualifications (crew quals)


How many passenger carrying animals are allowed on board? Who determines this?

The maximum number of passenger pets allowed on board is up to the respective code share partner


What form must be provided for an FAA inspector to have access to the flight deck?

Form 110A


What items are you looking for on the FAA inspector form 110A?

- Name and picture of the inspector

- Form number

- A blue text background

- An expiration date


Explain sterile cockpit...

Sterile cockpit is unnecessary communication that does not relate to the operation of the aircraft during critical phases of flight. Critical phases of flight are considered as any ground operations without the parking brake set, and below 10,000 feet MSL, except cruise flight


What is considered a stabilized approach?

A stabilized approach has the following characteristics:

- Correct track

- proper landing configuration

- proper approach airspeed

- After FAF/course intercept, not more than normal bracketing corrections

- proper thrust setting

- No more than 1,000 FPM descent rate, unless higher descent rate was appropriately briefed


Who can carry weapons aboard an aircraft?

- LEO (Law Enforcement Officer)

- FAM (Federal Air Marshal)

- FFDO (Federal Flight Deck Officer)


What is required for a LEO/FAM to board the airplane?

- Authorization Form

- All other FMA's/LEO's notified of one another who are on board the aircraft


Explain the restrictions of carrying a high risk prisoner...

- No more than one high risk prisoner per flight

- One high risk prisoner must be accompanied by 2 Law Enforcement Officers

- Captain and flight attendants must be notified before boarding the plane


For a flight less than 4 hours, how many LEOs are required for one low risk prisoner?

One armed LEO


For a flight more than 4 hours, how many LEOs are required for one low risk prisoner?

Two armed LEOs


For a flight more than 4 hours, how many LEOs are required for two low risk prisoners?

Two armed LEOs


For a flight less than 4 hours, how many LEOs are required for two low risk prisoners?

One Armed LEO


Explain boarding and seating restrictions of prisoners...

- Pre-boarded before passengers

- Seated Most Aft with armed LEO seated between prisoner and aisle

- Deplaned last after passengers

- Prisoner must not be wearing leg irons

- Prisoner must not be restrained to any part of the aircraft


What is Crew Resource Management (CRM)?

Effective use of all material and crew through communication to prevent human errors