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Unit 1
Research is,
The ultimate goal of research is,
Nursing research is
45  cards
unit 2-Qualitative and Quantitative Research - Two Alternative Paradigms
In a quantitative study people ar...,
In a qualitative study people are...,
61  cards
unit 3 research ethics
Numberg code,
Declaration of helsinki,
Code of ethics
48  cards
Unit 4: Research Problems, Questions and Hypotheses
Research problem,
Problem statement,
Research questions
42  cards
Unit 5 The Literature Review
Research literature can help,
Quantitative and literature review,
Qualitative and literature review
15  cards
Unit 6: The Theoretical Framework
Theory is,
Classical theories consist of,
Descriptive theory
26  cards
Unit 7: Quantitative Research Design
Dimensions of a quantitative study,
Quasi experiemnt
31  cards
Unit 8: Qualitative Research Design
Emergent design,
Characteristics of qualitative de...,
46  cards
Unit 9: Sampling in Research
Population is ____ restricted to ...,
Eligibility criteria,
The target population
28  cards
Unit 10: Scrutinizing Data Collection Methods
Key dimensions of data collection...,
Types of qualitative self reporting,
Quantitative self report techniques
13  cards
unit 11: Evaluating Measurements and Data Quality
Advantages of measurement,
Errors of measurement
43  cards
Unit 12: Analyzing Quantitative Data
Level of measurement,
Levels of measurement,
Descriptive statistic
52  cards
Unit 13: Analysis of Qualitative Data
Quantitative analysis,
Qualitative analysis is difficult...,
Analysis styles for qualitative data
29  cards
Unit 14: Critiquing Research Reports
Interpreting study results,
Interpreting quantitative results,
Interpreting qualitative results
6  cards

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