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Exam 1 - Developmentally Based Nursing Care PP
Growth charts,
Developmental screening tools,
35  cards
Exam 1 - Culturally Competent Family-Centered Nursing PP
Nontraditional are more common,
Parenting styles,
Families and religion
11  cards
Exam 1 - Health Promotion of the Newborn and Infant PP
The neonate normally loses about ...,
Tracts that develop myelin first ...,
First reactivity period
64  cards
Exam 1- Erikson Stages of Development
Infancy 0 1 1 2,
Maturity 65,
Early childhood 1 1 2 3
16  cards
Quiz #1
Authoritarian parents,
Permissive parents,
Authoritative parents
65  cards
Normal Vital Signs
Neonatal normal vital signs,
Normal infant vital signs,
Normal vital signs for toddlers
4  cards
Exam 1- Health Promotion in the Toddler, Preschooler, School Aged Child, and Adolescent
Toddler age range,
Toddler physical development,
Toddler gross motor
116  cards
Exam #2 Respiratory
Before born lungs are not needed,
Less than 32 33 weeks of age baby...,
Fake surfactant decrease incidenc...
134  cards
Exam #2 Fluids and Electrolytes
What are some differences between...,
Tna is one of the most routine su...,
Adults and adolescents are made u...
107  cards
Exam #2 Lab Values and imbalances table
16  cards
Exam #2 Degrees of Dehydration Table
Mild dehydration,
Moderate dehydration,
Severe dehydration
3  cards
Exam #3 Cardiac
When we are in the uterus we do n...,
From the placenta oxygenated bloo...,
What does the ductus venosus do
114  cards
Peds Final Review - Growth and Development
Infant birth to 1 year sits unsup...,
Infant birth to 1 year crawls at ...,
Infant birth to 1 year fine pince...
111  cards
Nursing assessment verbal report ...,
Nursing assessment observe for no...,
Nursing assessment
9  cards
Peds Final Review - Poisonings
Poisoning particularly by ingesti...,
The exploratory behavior curiosit...,
Nursing assessment
24  cards
Peds Final Review - Respiratory
Need to know your normal for age ...,
Neonatal normal vital signs,
Normal infant vital signs
50  cards
Peds Final Review - Cardiovascular Disorders
Congenital heart disease,
Increased pulmonary blood flow,
Decreased pulmonary blood flow
42  cards
Peds Final Review - Neuro
Down syndrome most common chromos...,
Down syndrome nursing assessment,
Down syndrome nursing assessment ...
74  cards
Peds Final Review - Renal
Acute glomerulonephritis,
Acute glomerulonephritis nursing ...,
Acute glomerulonephritis nursing ...
22  cards
Peds Final Review - Fluid and Electrolytes
Diarrhea increased number or decr...,
Diarrhea nursing assessment occur...,
Diarrhea nursing diagnosis
10  cards
Peds Final Review - Gastrointestinal Disorders
Cleft lip and palate description ...,
Cleft lip and palate nursing asse...,
Cleft lip and palate nursing diag...
35  cards
Peds Final Review - Hematologic Disorders
Iron deficiency anemia iron defic...,
Iron deficiency anemia nursing as...,
Iron deficiency anemia nursing di...
29  cards
Peds Final Review - Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders
Congenital hypothyroidism,
Congenital hypothyroidism nursing...,
Congenital hypothyroidism
21  cards
Peds Final Review - Skeletal Disorders
Fractures traumatic injury to bone,
Fractures nclex hint fractures in...,
Fractures nursing assessment gene...
29  cards

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