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Mild Dehydration

3 – 5%


Normal Pulse

Normal respiratory rate

Irritable & fussy


Urine output (UOP) mildly decreased

Capillary refill > 2 sec

Mucous membranes normal to sticky

Tears present

Anterior fontanel normal


Moderate Dehydration

6 – 10%

Moderate thirst

Slight increase

Slight tachypnea

Lethargic but arousable

Sunken fontanels, sunken eyes

Decreased UOP, and concentrated urine 1.020 – 1.030

Capillary refill 2 – 4 sec.

Dry mucous membranes

Tears decreased

Anterior fontanel normal to sunken


Severe Dehydration


Intense thirst

Tachycardic, weak thready pulse

Rapid, deep respiratory rate (Hyperpnea)

Not arousable, gray, clammy

Marked sunken fontanels and eyes

No UOP, and if any with specific gravity of > 1.030

Capillary refill > 4 sec

Skin turgor with tenting; skin cool and mottled

Parched mucous membranes

Absent tears

Anterior fontanel sunken