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Introduction to the CVS
Why do we need the cvs,
What is passive diffusion and wha...,
What is the main method of molecu...
19  cards
The Cardiac Cycle
As a recap what is convection and...,
Describe the sinoatrial node san ...,
Describe the atrioventricular nod...
15  cards
Control of Cardiac Output
Define preload afterload and cont...,
What does starling s law state,
Starling s law can be represented...
13  cards
Cardiac Contraction
What is a myocyte,
How does electrical excitability ...,
Describe how depolarisation can l...
12  cards
What is an ecg,
What needs to happen to the myocy...,
Describe the cardiac electrical f...
21  cards
Development of the Heart and Blood Vessels
What are the 5 stages of heart de...,
What are the 4 stages of embryo d...,
List what is made from the three ...
17  cards
Principles of Haemodynamics
What is the significance of the c...,
How does darcys law come into blo...,
How does bernoullis law come into...
15  cards
Control of Blood Flow
What three things mainly control tpr,
What is conductance,
Describe how the arterioles use c...
12  cards
Nervous and Hormonal Control of Vascular Tone
What are the two types of vascula...,
What are the roles of intrinsic a...,
Describe the mechanism of the mos...
16  cards
Capillaries I - Solute Exchange
_____ creates a need to transport...,
What are the two types of transpo...,
What are the four passive transpo...
13  cards
Capillaries II - Fluid Exchange
What is the importance of fluid e...,
Briefly describe fluid movement a...,
What are the four pressures that ...
13  cards
Properties of Special Circulation
Describe the structure of the cor...,
Describe the special requirements...,
Describe the special functional f...
17  cards
Reflex Control of the CVS
What is the difference between ex...,
Describe arterial baroreceptors a...,
Describe how baroreceptors respon...
14  cards
Coordinated Responses of the CVS
Describe the effect of gravity on...,
With the effects of gravity descr...,
Describe the reflex response to o...
11  cards
Why does coagulation occur as in ...,
What is the response to tissue da...,
Describe both arterial and venous...
16  cards
Mechanisms of Atheroma and Infarction
Define what an atheroma and what ...,
What is the link between atherosc...,
Describe the steps for atheroscle...
14  cards
Pharmacology of the CVS
What is angina,
What are some symptoms of angina,
What increases the risk of angina...
14  cards
Intro to the Respiratory System
Why do we need a respiratory system,
What is the division diameter mm ...,
How are alveoli adapted to maximi...
20  cards
Mechanics of Breathing I
Recap what is boyles law,
What causes air to flow in and ou...,
Describe the structural events th...
12  cards
Mechanics of Breathing II
What are four ways in which lung ...,
Why is the fall in alveolar press...,
What does the rate of airflow dep...
17  cards
Gas Exchange in the Lungs
What is the difference between pa...,
What is the condition where there...,
Describe how oxygen gets from the...
19  cards
Blood Gas Transport
What determines how much gas diss...,
Why is haemoglobin critical to o2...,
How is the oxygen content of bloo...
16  cards
The Role of Ventilation in Acid Base Balance
What is ph how do you calculate t...,
Why is ph homeostasis important,
How is arterial ph tightly regulated
14  cards
Neural Control of Breathing
How is breathing initiated what c...,
What effect does spinal chord inj...,
Which muscles including accessory...
13  cards
Integrated Control of Breathing
How does respiratory acidosis occ...,
What are some causes of hypoventi...,
How does respiratory alkalosis oc...
13  cards
Patho-physiology of COPD
What is chronic obstructive pulmo...,
Why does smoking damage the respi...,
How does the inflammation observe...
12  cards
Patho-physiology of Asthma
What is asthma what are its two b...,
Asthma aetiology causation of a d...,
Describe airway dysfunction in as...
10  cards
Airway Pharmacology
What aspects of acute airway path...,
How can we treat airway smooth mu...,
How do bronchodilators generally act
18  cards
Control of Food Intake
N why should we study food intake,
Where is the fundic area in the s...,
What are the control factors requ...
42  cards
Introduction to the Functions and Control of the Alimentary Tract
What are the digestive functions ...,
Describe where the storage of dig...,
Describe the storage of gastric s...
25  cards
Transport along and across the GI Tract
What is the emptying of the gastr...,
Describe storage and gastric empt...,
What is gastric emptying dependen...
33  cards
The Liver: An Introduction to its Function
Describe the livers anatomy and s...,
Describe the blood supply to the ...,
Describe the functional anatomy o...
27  cards
Metabolic Functions of the Liver
What relevance is the positioning...,
How is the liver important in mai...,
What is the importance of the liv...
22  cards
The Oesophagus and its Disorders
Describe the anatomy of the oesop...,
What promotes the transport of in...,
Describe the muscular structure o...
34  cards
Regulation and Disorders of Gastric Secretion
Describe the stomach anatomically...,
What are the contents of gastric ...,
How is gastric acid made in the s...
29  cards
Bile, Gall Bladder and Gall Stones
What is the ampulla of vater,
What is the general function of t...,
Describe how bile is modified
25  cards
Development of the GI Tract
When does the gi tract developmen...,
What is the significance of the g...,
Why is folic acid important durin...
27  cards
Intro to the Kidneys and Body Fluid
Provide an overview of the fluid ...,
What are the two sub compartments...,
What is osmolarity and how does i...
23  cards
Renal Blood Flow and Glomerular Filtration
Why is there such a huge filtrati...,
Generally how is glomerular fluid...,
What is the glomerular rate gfr s...
19  cards
Functional Histology of the Kidney
What are the functions of the uri...,
Briefly describe the nephron,
What is the function of the renal...
20  cards
Structure and Function of the Renal Tubule - study from book
What are several techniques to in...,
What are the two types of nephrons,
Recap describe the proximal convo...
17  cards
Renal Plasma Clearance
List the forces controlling the f...,
Why is the gfr important,
How do we measure gfr
25  cards
Potassium Balance
Describe the distribution of pota...,
What does the regulation of k hom...,
List some of the functions of pot...
28  cards
Blood Pressure and the Kidneys
Simply put what is the relationsh...,
Why are na levels linked to blood...,
How does the cvs control na levels
14  cards
Control and the Abnormalities of Body Water
As a recap list the percentages o...,
What do changes in the plasma na ...,
What is osmolality and the differ...
13  cards
Acid-Base Balance
Why should the ph be kept constan...,
What are some sources of acid in ...,
What are the 3 mechanisms that co...
22  cards
Drugs and The Kidney
Describe the central role of the ...,
Describe the glomerular filtratio...,
Describe the tubular secretion of...
14  cards
Treatment of Hypertension
Recap what is blood pressure and ...,
How can high blood pressure arise,
What are the two types of hyperte...
18  cards
Overview of Renal Diseases
What are the functions of the kidney,
How do we measure kidney function,
List some renal syndromes
16  cards
What is micturition,
Describe the basic process of mic...,
Describe kidney stones
27  cards

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