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Exam 1 – Lecture 1: Dr. Langston
What is homeostasis,
What is physiology,
What is pathophysiology
125  cards
Exam 1 – Lecture 2: Dr. Langston
What is biotransport,
What does the cell membrane regulate,
What are mechanisms of biotransport
59  cards
Exam 1 – Lecture 3: Dr. Langston
What are neurotransmitters releas...,
What are endocrine hormones relea...,
What are neuroendocrine hormones ...
30  cards
Exam 1 – Lecture 4: Dr. Langston
What is atp,
What exists after the digestion o...,
What is fructose
63  cards
Exam 1 – Lecture 5: Dr. Langston
What is negative feedback,
What is the most important contro...,
Describe negative feedback
11  cards
Exam 1 – Lecture 6: Dr Beasley Neuro-Muscular
What does afferent mean,
What does efferent mean,
What are the parts of a neuron
146  cards
Exam 1 – Dr. Eubanks
What comes from a reaction betwee...,
What comes from a reaction betwee...,
What comes from a reaction betwee...
72  cards
Exam 1 – Dr. Seitz
How do the pathologies of fluid h...,
How much of body weight in dogs a...,
What is water movement controlled by
32  cards
Exam 1 – Dr. Thomason Lecture 1
What do rbcs contain,
What does hgb allow for,
Do mammalian rbcs have a nucleus ...
70  cards
Exam 1 – Dr. Thomason: Leukocytes
What are the 2 broad categories o...,
What are the polymorphonuclear le...,
What are the mononuclear leukocytes
35  cards
Exam 1 – Dr. Thomason Hemostasis and Blood Coagulation
What is hemostasis,
What are the different mechanisms...,
What are the 2 phases of hemostasis
49  cards
Exam 1 – Dr. Archer
What does the autonomic nervous s...,
What is the ans,
What do motor neurons in the ans do
79  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 9
What is a syncytium,
How many syncytiums does the hear...,
Where is the fibrous insulator be...
119  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 10
What is the pathway of the heartbeat,
What is the importance of the del...,
What are conduction fibers
42  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 11
Look at normal ekg,
Describe p wave,
What is the p wave caused by
56  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 12
What do you use to calculate the ...,
What is the electrical axis of th...,
What is the electrical axis of th...
60  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 13
What are causes of cardiac arrhyt...,
What are normal causes of sinus a...,
What are abnormal sinus rhythms
78  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 14
What are the major functions of t...,
What are the components of the ci...,
What percentage of circulatory sy...
79  cards
Exam 2 – cardio Ch 16
What is the function of microcirc...,
How does the heart know how much ...,
What is the structure of capillar...
72  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 17
What does each tissue control its...,
List the tissue needs,
What is flow closely related to
60  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 18
What roles does the nervous syste...,
What is the sympathetic nervous s...,
What is the parasympathetic nervo...
63  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 19
What percent of body weight is blood,
What percent of blood is plasma c...,
What percent of total body water ...
69  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 20
How can you improve heart pumping,
How can nervous stimulation impro...,
How does hypertrophy of cardiac m...
45  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 21
What can happen to muscle blood f...,
What makes up a large portion of ...,
What is the resting blood flow
49  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 22
What does acute moderate heart fa...,
What does immediate depressed pum...,
What does immediate compensation ...
19  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 24
What is circulatory shock,
What are the causes of circulator...,
What can cause a decreased cardia...
33  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 15
What happens if you put more pres...,
Why can a vein blow up more than ...,
What is vascular distensibility
44  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 23
What is the placenta responsible for,
When does the heart start beating,
In the fetus what side of the hea...
79  cards
Exam 2 – Cardio Ch 61
What does the blood tissue barrie...,
What is the blood tissue barrier ...,
What is the blood tissue barrier ...
38  cards
Exam 3 – Dr. Sullivant Hepatic Physiology
What is ascites,
What are the different types of a...,
What is icterus
97  cards
Exam 3 – Dr. Sullivant Carbohydrate Metabolism
What are the bodys energy sources,
Why is metabolism important,
What is the main energy source us...
60  cards
Exam 3 – Dr. Sullivant Protein Metabolism
What methods of protein metabolis...,
What is the breakdown of amino ac...,
What is ammonia formed by in the ...
45  cards
Exam 3 – Dr. Sullivant Lipid Metabolism
What are the types of lipids,
What are fatty acids,
What are triglycerides used for
35  cards
Exam 3 – Dr. Lunsford Gastric Secretions
Describe countercurrent oxygen ex...,
What is gastrin secreted by,
What are the actions of gastrin
17  cards
Exam 3 – Dr. Lunsford Intestinal Secretion and Absorption and Emesis
Describe the mechanism of water s...,
What is the turnover for villus w...,
How is water transported in the s...
12  cards
Exam 3 – Dr. Mackin Physiology of Pharynx/Esophagus
What is swallowing,
What are the anatomic phases of s...,
What is the oral phase
38  cards
Exam 3 – Dr. Fleming Ruminant Physiology 1
What is a ruminant,
What are ruminants able to do,
What are the forestomachs of rumi...
56  cards
Exam 3 – Dr. Fleming Ruminant Physiology 2
What does the reticulum do,
What is the reticulum the source of,
How can you prevent hardware disease
43  cards
Exam 3 – Dr. Brashier Equine GI
Do herbivores have grinding or sh...,
What happens when herbivores grin...,
What are hypsodont teeth
100  cards
Exam 4: GFR and RBF
What are the renal functions,
What are the metabolic waste prod...,
How does the regulation of acid b...
113  cards
Exam 4: Tubular Processing of Glomerular Filtrate
What is the filtration of glucose...,
What is the filtration of amino a...,
What is the filtration of protein...
45  cards
Exam 4: Regulation of Na, Osmolarity, and ECF
What does unregulated or insensib...,
What does regulated fluid loss co...,
What does unregulated or insensib...
25  cards
Exam 4: Regulation of K and Ca
What is potassium excretion or el...,
What is the rate of aldosterone s...,
Where is 99 of ca
10  cards
Exam 4: Intro to Diuretics and Renal Disease
What are diuretics used for,
What are the different diuretic t...,
What do osmotic diuretics do
43  cards
Exam 4: Acid-Base
What can hydrogen ions do,
What can metabolic acidosis cause,
What can respiratory acidosis cause
24  cards
Exam 4: Acid-Base 2
Describe respiratory acidosis,
Describe respiratory alkalosis,
Describe metabolic alkalosis
13  cards
Exam 4: Micturition
What is micturition,
What are the 2 stage of micturition,
What is the detrusor muscle
33  cards
Exam 5: Intro to Repro Endocrinology
What does a 3 increase in reprodu...,
What does the endocrine system us...,
What allows for the precise contr...
42  cards
Exam 5: Puberty, Estrous, and Repro Behavior
Is puberty a process or an event,
What is puberty,
When does puberty occur
89  cards
Exam 5: Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis
What is spermatogenesis,
What is the site of formation of ...,
What is spermatogenesis regulated by
41  cards
Exam 5: Breeding Behavior, Early Pregnancy, and Maternal Recognition
Describe the process of an erection,
What initiates the cascade leadin...,
What control is the cascade leadi...
68  cards
Exam 5: Placentation, Gestation, and Parturition
What is the placenta,
What does the size and function o...,
When is the placenta expelled
58  cards
Exam 5: Exocrine Pancreas
What does the bile duct enter in ...,
What is the most important duct i...,
Where does the accessory pancreat...
37  cards
Exam 5: Adrenal Physiology
What hormone comes from zona fasc...,
What hormone comes from zona glom...,
What hormone comes from zona reti...
39  cards
Exam 5: Calcium Metabolism
What is the calcium distribution,
What are the different types calc...,
Describe ionized calcium
34  cards
Exam 5: The Endocrine Pancreas and Carbohydrate Metabolism
How is glut4 regulated,
Where is a glut4 transporter not ...,
How does insulin circulate
32  cards
Exam 5: Thyroid Physiology
What is required for t3 t4 synthesis,
What is iodide absorbed from,
What is iodide excreted by
27  cards
Exam 5: Water Balance
What is the late distal tubule an...,
What does adh bind to,
What happens when adh binds to re...
14  cards
Exam 5: Growth Hormone
What are the functions of growth ...,
What are the anabolic functions o...,
What does gh result in
12  cards
Exam 5: NSAID Toxicosis
What is toxicology,
What is a toxin,
What is a toxicant
27  cards
Exam 6: Bone Development and Calcium Homeostasis
Describe the ectoderm,
Describe the mesoderm,
What is programmed to initiate li...
74  cards
Exam 6: Respiratory Introduction
What are the cell types found in ...,
What is the function of epithelia...,
What is the function of epithelia...
30  cards
Exam 6: Mechanics of Ventilation
Describe v_t,
Describe frc,
Describe ic
22  cards
Exam 6: Pulmonary Circulation
With regard to pulmonary circulat...,
List 5 difference between the pul...,
What is the blood volume of the p...
14  cards
Exam 6: Pulmonary Gas Exchange
What is daltons law,
What is henrys law,
What is the fio2 on top of mount ...
31  cards
Exam 6: Control of Respiration
What is the function of the dorsa...,
What is the function of the ventr...,
How do the central chemoreceptors...
6  cards
Exam 6: Fetal and Avian Gas Exchange
Where does gas exchange occur in ...,
When is surfactant produced,
What is the surge in surfactant p...
12  cards
Exam 6: Nonrespiratory Function of the Lung
Describe the composition of airwa...,
What are the different mechanisms...,
What are the filtration and antic...
5  cards
Exam 6: Applied Respiratory Physiology
What is the inspired po2 at an at...,
Why do stored red blood cells not...,
Is breathing 100 oxygen the same ...
12  cards
Exam 6: Arterial Blood Gas Analysis
What is blood gas analysis,
What can you get from an arterial...,
What is arterial blood gas analys...
18  cards

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