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psychology: memory (aqa)

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Types of Memory: Sensory Memory
Where does sensory store informat...,
How long does sensory memory hold...,
If we dont pay attention to somet...
5  cards
Types of Memory: Short Term Memory
Millers magic number,
What is millers magic number,
Short term memory coding
4  cards
Types of Memory: Long Term Memory
How big is the capacity of long t...,
Whats theoretical about long term...,
What is long term memory coding
7  cards
Duration of Memory Studies: Sperling
Who was the main researcher,
What year was the study done,
What was the aim of the study
15  cards
Duration of Memory Studies: Peterson and Peterson
How long were the trigrams shown for,
Method what were participants ask...
15  cards
Duration of Memory Studies: Bahrick et al
Bahrick et al date,
Bahrick et al study name,
Method part 1
16  cards
Capacity of Memory Studies: Jacobs
Study aim,
Method what were the participants...
11  cards
Capacity of Memory Studies: Miller
What did miller do,
What did miller find
6  cards
Short term memory,
Short term memory coding,
Long term memory
29  cards
Atkinson and Shiffrin: The Multi-Store Model
Who came up with the multi store ...,
When did atkinson and shiffrin co...,
What does the multi store model p...
12  cards
Support for The Multi-Store Model
The primacy effect research,
The primacy effect explains,
The primacy effect prevented
15  cards
Limitations of The Multi-Store Model
Stm to ltm,
Real life,
8  cards
The Working Memory Model
Who came up with the working memo...,
When did baddeley and hitch come ...,
What did working memory model pro...
10  cards
The Working Memory Model: Experimental Evidence
What did baddeley and hitch base ...,
Interference task,
Example of the interference task
7  cards
The Working Memory Model: Strengths
Strength studies,
Shallice and warrington date,
Gathercole and baddeley date
16  cards
The Working Memory Model: Weaknesses
Psychologists think that the work...,
The model doesnt really explain e...,
It is difficult to design tasks to
8  cards
Experiments on memory assume if y...,
Forgetting information from short...,
The information is no longer avai...
8  cards
One theory about forgetting is th...,
Having something thats affected,
How many types of interference ar...
22  cards
Interference: Strengths and Weaknesses
Proactive and retroactive are,
The supporting studies are mostly,
As well as lab experiments
9  cards
Another theory of memory suggests...,
In this theory forgetting is trea...,
The information still exists in m...
42  cards
Eyewitness Testimony
What is eyewitness testimony,
What does eyewitness testimony re...,
What does eyewitness testimony in...
6  cards
Eyewitness Testimony: Misleading Information
What did loftus and palmer look at,
What did loftus and palmer use,
Loftus and palmer study name
24  cards
Loftus and Zanni
Loftus and zanni 1975 investigated,
Loftus and zanni study date,
Method participants were shown a
13  cards
Post-Event Discussion
Studies where a confederate has h...,
Shaw et al study date,
Shaw et al who did he pair his pa...
7  cards
Eyewitness Testimony: Age
Valentine and coxon 1997,
Valentine and coxon date,
Method how many groups of partici...
12  cards
Eyewitness Testimony: Anxiety
Psychologists tend to believe tha...,
Psychologists also believe that h...,
In violent crimes the victim may
15  cards
Cognitive Interview
Cognitive psychologists have play...,
Research shows that the accuracy ...,
The cognitive interview technique...
13  cards
Cognitive Interview: Research and Support
Research has shown that people in...,
Geiselman et al 1986,
Geiselman et al date
12  cards
Study Names and Dates
0  cards

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