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Name some reasons why people obey...,
What is obedience,
When was stanley milgrams memory ...
81  cards
Social Change
What is social change,
What are the conditions necessary...,
How does consistency help with so...
25  cards
Psychodynamic Approach
What is involved when using the p...,
What is psychodynamics,
Name the assumptions of the psych...
40  cards
Social Learning Theory Approach
What is slt,
Describe models in association wi...,
What did albert bandura say about...
20  cards
Humanistic Approach
What are the basic assumptions of...,
When and where did humanistic psy...,
Describe every individual is uniq...
37  cards
Do elishka and avani have this,
Give a statistic on suicide rates...,
Which part of england has the hig...
59  cards
What is a phobia,
What does the dsm v count as symp...,
What is a specific phobia
32  cards
Introduction to Attachment
What is development psychology,
What is the difference between le...,
What is a bond
20  cards
Animal Studies
Who was lorenz,
What was lorenz s procedure,
What was lorenz s findings for ea...
13  cards
Ainsworth's Strange Situation
Who dis mary lady,
What is the strange situation,
What are the 5 characteristics ai...
19  cards
Learning Theory
Just a warning these r all bloody...,
Ve counter evidence from animal r...,
Ve counter evidence from human re...
6  cards
Coding, Capacity and Duration
What is memory,
What is sensory memory register sm,
What is short term memory stm
39  cards
Right let that stats knowledge po...,
What is a population,
What is random sampling
13  cards
What is operationalisation
12  cards
Models of Memory
Start by reading the sperling 196...,
What does sperling s study suggest,
What was the glanzer and cunitz 1...
20  cards
Types of LTM
Read thru the sheet on clive wear...,
Now do the same for henry molaison,
What is clinical evidence of how ...
9  cards
Explanations for Forgetting
Why do we forget,
What is interference,
What are the 2 types of interference
5  cards
Retrieval Failure Theory of Forgetting
Describe the tip of the tongue th...,
Describe the retrieval failure id...,
What are the two types of cue dep...
10  cards
Eye Witness Testimony
Eye witness testimony definition,
Misleading information definition,
Leading questions
11  cards
The Role of Schemas in Memory
What is this an explanation of,
What do memory capacity limitatio...,
What is the cost to the schemasa ...
3  cards
Anxiety and Eye Witness Testimony
What is this johnson and scott ex...,
What were the results of these jo...,
What is the tunnel theory
12  cards
The Nervous and the Endocrine System
Now to begin lightlyhave a look a...,
Can u talk abt the brain pls in t...,
Now pls talk abt the spinal cordi...
68  cards
Localisation of function in the brain
What is the localisation of brain...,
What is localisation,
Nowwe have 2 hemispheresthe left ...
34  cards
Plasticity and functional recovery from brain trauma
Good day,
27  cards
Circadian Rhythms
What is a biological rhythm,
What are circadian rhythms,
What is a sleep waking cycle
33  cards
Infradian and Ultradian Rhythms
What is the approximate regularit...
16  cards
Issues and Debates
What is universality,
What do psychologists attempt to ...,
What stops a wanted objective and...
30  cards
What are the 3 main points abt th...,
What are the 3 main points abt a ...,
Describe the mann whitney test
18  cards
Free Will and Determinism
What approach suggests we have fr...,
What is determinism,
What is free will
19  cards
Nature and Nurture
What is nature vs nurture,
What is the physiological backgro...,
What is the physiological backgro...
20  cards
Holism and Reductionism
What is holism,
What is reductionism,
Now ask elishka 4 the reductionis...
15  cards
Idiographic and nomothetic approach
What is nomothetic,
What is idiographic,
What does the nomothetic approach...
14  cards
Sexual Selection and Human Reproductive Behaviour
This gotta b interesting,
What is evolutionary psychology,
What is natural selection
28  cards
Factors affecting attraction
What is self disclosure,
Social penetration theoryaltman a...,
What is reciprocity of self discl...
27  cards
Economic theories
What is the social exhchange theory,
What does social exchange theory ...,
Name some rewards part of social ...
18  cards
Rusbult's Investment Model
What is rusbult s investment mode...,
Elaborate on the commitment as th...
13  cards
Equity Theory
What does this theory suggest,
What does this theory suggest abo...,
11  cards
Duck's Phase Model
What are the 3 proposed reasons t...,
Pre existing doom,
Mechanical failure
21  cards
Virtual relationships in social media
Shall i tell ppl abt my husband h...,
What is the reduced cues theory,
What is disinhibition
8  cards
Parasocial relationships
What are parasocial relationships...,
What does para mean,
What increases the likelihood of ...
30  cards
Introduction to Forensic Psychology
What is a crime,
What are 2 problems with defining...,
Example of culture conflicting w ...
13  cards
The top down approach
What is offender profiling,
What is the top down approach,
When and where was this theory or...
29  cards
Explanations of Offending - Biological
What is the atavistic form,
What is l huomo delinquente 1876 ...,
What are some cranial characteris...
14  cards
Explanations of Offending - Biological Part 2
What is the neural explanation,
How does this relate to twin studies,
Describe the study about criminal...
26  cards
Explanations of Offending - Eysneck's Theory
Now recall what psychotic neuroti...,
2  cards
Cognitive explanations of criminal behaviour
What is the original study by koh...,
What were kohlberg s et al findin...,
What is hostile attribution bias
6  cards
Psychodynamic Approach to Offending
What did blackburn suggest in 199...,
What happens if ur superego is weak,
What happens when the superego is...
12  cards
Custodial sentencing
How is incarceration a form of de...,
Individual deterrence,
General deterrence
25  cards
Anger Management
What is anger management,
What is the cbt explanation for a...,
What is the first step of cbt ang...
8  cards
Behaviour Modification
What is token economy,
When are prisoners given tokens,
What is a conjugal visit
9  cards
Psychological explanations to offending
Where did differential associatio...,
What is dat,
What is the cbt explanation for a...
20  cards
Restorative justice programmes
What are these rj programmes,
What are the aims of rj,
Rehabilitation of offenders
14  cards
Classification and diagnosis of Schizophrenia
What of the world are diagnosed w...,
What is the world s most common m...,
What is psychosis
24  cards
Biological explanation to SZ
What did gottesman find abt the r...,
What did gottesman and shields 19...,
What abt heston s 1966 adoption s...
15  cards
Drug Therapy
What are the 2 main antipsychotics,
What can drugs do,
What are typical antipsychotics
19  cards
Psychological Explanations for SZ
What has family got to w all this...,
What is family dysfunction,
What is the schizophrenogenic mother
7  cards
Cognitive explanations for SZ
What is the cognitive explanation,
What is a dysfunction in meta rep...,
What is dysfunction in central co...
6  cards
Psychological Therapies
What is cbt,
How does cbt help,
Why is cbt not appropriate for so...
14  cards
Interactionist Approach to SZ
What does this approach acknowledge,
What are the biological factors i...,
What are the psychological factor...
18  cards

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