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Child Abuse
What are normal variants of anoge...,
What genital anal findings are co...,
What is the most common physical ...
20  cards
Spot Diagnosis
63  cards
Management of temperature instabi...,
Prevention of ivh in newborn,
Initial fluids for pre term infant
75  cards
Infectious Diseases
How is hpv transmitted,
Is hpv infection necessary before...,
What type of cancers is hpv assoc...
152  cards
What is hemoglobin a comprised of,
What is the defect in beta thalas...,
What happens when you have excess...
122  cards
Who develops transient myeloproli...,
What is transient myeloproliferat...,
What genetic mutation is transien...
87  cards
Dsm 5 criteria for bulimia nervosa,
Age of consent to sexual activity...,
Side effects of anabolic steroids
60  cards
Allergy & Immunology
What is an important organism to ...,
What is the risk associated with ...,
What are the cps recommendations ...
124  cards
Which cardiac conditions do you n...,
What causes spastic diplegia what...,
What are the reasons for referrin...
6  cards
What is premature adrenarche,
What is premature thelarche,
At what tanner stage does peak he...
189  cards
What is functional constipation,
Rome iii diagnostic criteria for ...,
At what transition periods is the...
64  cards
Acute Care
If a child has a tbi and is initi...,
What is a major cause of morbidit...,
Signs of increased icp
13  cards
What is the inheritance of branch...,
Risk factors for hearing loss,
What is the hearing test for newb...
8  cards
Definition of acute cough,
Definition of chronic cough,
Consequences of missed fb
17  cards
0  cards
CPS Review
Treatment of scabies in 3 months ...,
Treatment of scabies in infants a...,
Potential benefits of circumcisio...
22  cards
Mental Health
Management of depression,
Which ssri has the most evidence ...,
Management of bipolar disorder
8  cards
Acute rheumatic fever major criteria,
Acute rheumatic fever minor criteria,
Diagnosis of acute rheumatic fever
18  cards
Causes of glomerulonephritis asso...,
Causes of glomerulonephritis asso...,
Most common cause of microscopic ...
97  cards
General Surgery
Criteria for diagnosis of pyloric...,
Metabolic disturbance in pyloric ...,
Most common type of intussuception
29  cards
Most common metabolic condition,
Metabolic finding in early hypera...,
Metabolic conditions causing live...
34  cards
If you have a female presenting w...,
What sign should you check for in...,
What tests can you check in a boy...
5  cards
Head control,
Rolling both ways,
Hands to midline
36  cards
Cranial nerve in rapd,
Work up for new seizure,
Risk of epilepsy over next 5 year...
12  cards
Critical appraisal
Best type of study design to mini...,
Cons of doing rct
22  cards
Disadvantage of serum specific ige,
What type of test is the serum sp...,
How many kids will outgrow a milk...
21  cards
Inheritance of long qt syndrome,
Treatment of long qt,
What is the axis on ecg of a chil...
62  cards
Definition of unresolved congenit...,
What could a single umbilical art...,
Incidence of unilateral renal age...
71  cards
Renal Tubular Acidosis
Type 1 distal rta,
Which type of rta results in an a...,
What is the metabolic abnormality...
14  cards
Erythematous rash in newborn that...,
Erythematous rash in newborn invo...,
Treatment of mild acne
78  cards
A child is diagnosed with antenat...,
14  cards
When should skin to skin occur af...,
How long should babies be breastfed,
Are formula companies allowed to ...
39  cards

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