russia: chapter 1: the rule of tsar nicholas ii

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1. Nicholas II character
Who tutored nicholas,
What was the impact of pobedonste...,
What was the soviet view of nicholas
41  cards
2. Characteristics Of tsarist Russia
What could be purchased by the no...
1  cards
2. Political, Economic And Social Problems Of Russia In 1894
What was the size of russia,
How many times larger was russia ...,
What country was 25 times smaller...
107  cards
3. Mensheviks
What was the system of the party,
Who did the mensheviks attract,
What form of government did the m...
6  cards
3. Bolsheviks
What were the figures of the bols...,
At what period were the figures 5...,
Between february to august what d...
10  cards
3. Social Democrats
Where was the social democrats found,
What happened in minsk 1989,
What was he group founded in 1898...
31  cards
3. Social Revolutionaries
What was the aim of the social re...,
Who wanted to continue the terror...,
Who was the founder of the social...
21  cards
3. Liberals (kadets And Octoberists)
What were their aims and ideas,
What did the liberals endorse,
What did the kadets want
17  cards
3. Populists
What did the populists believe,
Who believed that the future lies...,
What was a nickname for the popul...
22  cards
4. National Minorities: Caucasia
Which national minority group rem...,
What was the aim of the national ...,
Which national minority groups ca...
19  cards
4. National minorities: Jews
What area was geographically jewish,
What was the pale,
What were the jews accused of being
17  cards
4. National minorities: Finns
Before 1894 what was the tsars op...,
How did the tsar show allowance t...,
Who did nicholas appoint as gover...
11  cards
4. National minorities: Poles
In the poles when did a distinct ...,
When did industrialisation occur,
In the poles what formed in 1890s
12  cards
4. National minorities: Ukrainians
In the 1897 consensus what percen...,
In what year did a census find th...,
Was nationalism strong in ukraine
6  cards
4. Russification
When was the university statute,
What happened in 1887,
What was the university statute
33  cards
4. Witte
Why did russia modernise,
What did russia s want to be on t...,
What was inside russia s reserves
78  cards
5. Russo Japanese War
What did russia and japan have an...,
When was there a war between russ...,
What happened to the prestige of ...
70  cards
6. The 1905 Revolution
What percentage of the population...,
What was the structure for 80 of ...,
What was the population in 1885
66  cards
7. The October Manifesto
What did the manifesto promise,
What did the second november mani...,
What demonstrations were held aft...
27  cards
8. Stolypin
When were there famines,
What happened in 1891 and 1897,
How did stolypin de revolutionise...
68  cards
8. The First Dumas
When did the first duma begin,
What happened in april 1906,
When did the first duma close
45  cards
8. The Third Duma
What was the nickname of this duma,
When did this duma open,
What happened in november 1907
25  cards
8. The Second Duma
What was the nickname of this duma,
What duma was nicknamed the duma ...,
When did the second duma open
34  cards
8. The Forth Duma
Who did less well in the assassin...,
What was the impact of the octobr...,
What was the characterisation of ...
6  cards
9. Situation In 1914 (Economic)
What was the annual gnp growth,
What was the impact of having a g...,
During what years were the gnp 35
46  cards
9. Situation in 1914 (Political)
Why did the tsar set up the dumas,
What were the issues that neglect...,
What did the third duma achieve
39  cards
9. Situation In 1914 (Social)
In terms of education what was th...,
What percentage of children were ...,
What did trade unions allow
79  cards

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