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The most common type of cartilage...,
Contains a plethora of electric f...,
Contains thick bundles of collage...
32  cards
Makes up the greatest portion of ...,
43  cards
Basic Bone Structure
What are osteoblasts,
What are osteocytes,
What are osteoclasts
76  cards
Nervous System
True or false neurons do not rege...,
Neurons love what,
The central nervous system consis...
88  cards
Sense Organs
What are the 5 general senses,
What are the 5 special senses,
What is sensed what type of stimu...
53  cards
Endocrine System
Pituitary gland,
Hormones that are hydrophilic mea...,
Lipids that are synthesized from ...
86  cards
What can be found in numbers of i...
81  cards
0  cards
What carries blood away from the ...,
What carries blood to the heart,
What forms transitions between ar...
58  cards
Respritory System
2 sides of the nares is separated...
39  cards
Urinary System
Animals with kidney disease will ...,
The _______ kidney always sits hi...,
The indented area of the kidney i...
31  cards
Divestive System
What type of cells like the insid...,
When referring to the stomach the...,
When referring to the intestines ...
70  cards
What does it mean for something t...,
What nutrient is needed to make s...,
True or falseamino acids can be s...
61  cards
Describe the difference between m...,
What animal had an os penis,
Why is the mid piece of the sperm...
26  cards
Erection is what reflex,
What is the name of the process t...,
The fetus s urinary bladder attac...
25  cards

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