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What are the 4 corticosteroids,
What are the 2 types of analgesics,
What type of opioids are used
138  cards
Fluid Therapy
What are the reasons for fluid th...,
What are crystalloids,
What are the types of crystalloids
29  cards
What is memory in suturing,
What is plasticity,
What is tensile strength
24  cards
What does c haemolyticum effect,
What is the predisposing factor t...,
What are signs of c haemolyticum
23  cards
Small Animal Intestinal Parasites
How do you diagnose nematodes,
What are the types of nematodes,
What is the most common roundworm...
51  cards
Equine Parasites
What are the large strongyles,
What do large strongyles cause,
What is the equine tapeworm
20  cards
Small Animal Ectoparasites
What are the types of ectoparasites,
What is the name of fleas in the ...,
What is the name of fleas in the rat
51  cards
What is the name of heartworm,
How is heartworm transmitted,
How is heartworm diagnosed
13  cards
What should enclosures be made of,
What size should enclosures be,
What should the temperature be
77  cards
How should avians be housed,
Why should a large cage be import...,
What should you offer breeding birds
40  cards
Equine Restraint
What is the kicking range of a ho...,
What side should you approach a h...,
What is cross tying
11  cards
Cattle Restraint
How should you approach cattle,
Where is the safest place to stand,
What are the methods of restraint...
4  cards
Basic description of chromosomes,
What are the types of reproductiv...,
Where are sperm made
33  cards
Missed Questions
How much feces do you need for a ...,
When can the fetal skeleton be se...,
What muscles do the quads include
310  cards
What is depolarization,
What is repolarization,
What is the sa node
35  cards
What is a normal scissor bite,
What are the malocclusion classes,
What is oligodontia
12  cards
Vital Parameters
Bovine tpr,
Canine tpr,
Caprine tpr
32  cards
Parasite Identification
6  cards
Urinary Crystals
What are struvite crystals made of,
What do struvite crystals look like,
When are struvite crystals normal...
20  cards
Medical Terminology
Exfoliate cytology
36  cards
Mosby Parasitology
Toxocara canis,
Ancylostoma caninum,
Trichuris vulpis
49  cards
Mosby Microbiology
What is the average temperature o...,
When are cultures grown,
What is nutritive media
26  cards
Mosby Lab Animal Zoonotic Diseases
Lymphocytic choriomeningitis
11  cards
VTP Diagnostic Imaging
How soon can pregnancy be identif...,
When placing craniocaudal radiogr...,
What is the earliest time a fetus...
80  cards
Equine Nursing
Where should you give iv injections,
Where should you give im injections,
What are the core vaccines of horses
25  cards
Large Animal Nursing
What venipuncture used for bovines,
What venipuncture used for small ...,
What venipuncture used for porcine
40  cards
What are the 3 types of shock,
What are the 3 types of cardiogen...,
What causes cardiogenic shock
14  cards
What is type 1 hypersensitivity,
What happens with type1,
What are examples of type 1
11  cards
What diameter of et tubes is typi...,
What diameter of et tube is used ...,
How do you measure the length of ...
208  cards
Laboratory Diagnostics
What is quality assurance,
What are examples of quality assu...,
What is quality control
389  cards

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