wheelock's latin self-tutorial exercises

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Wheelock self-tutorial exercise 1
Note these exercises with their a...,
1a give the english pronoun equiv...,
1b give the english pronoun equiv...
70  cards
29a. Latin to English
1 what is the easy rule for the r...,
2 does this rule apply to such ir...,
31 translate if indicative parse ...
65  cards
29b. Latin to English
1 princeps arma meliora in manibu...,
2 hostes quidem negaverunt se arm...,
3 pars militum lucem diei vitavit...
59  cards
30a. Latin to English
1 as the form of the imperfect su...,
2 as the pluperfect indicative pa...,
3 if positus est is the perfect i...
76  cards
30b. English to Latin
8 where is the leader,
8b where was the leader,
9 they ask where the leader is
33  cards
31a. Latin to English
1 name the three possible meaning...,
2 when tamen follows a cum clause...,
3a to that conjugation does fero ...
54  cards
31b. English to Latin
5 when he had said this those twe...,
6 although he had gone into anoth...,
7 since they offer us friendship ...
16  cards
32a Latin to English
1 what is the regular positive en...,
1b what is the regular positive e...,
2 in english what adverbial endin...
72  cards
32b English to Latin
1 certain men prefer to believe t...,
2 certain men say that all men s ...,
3 these men obtained wealth very ...
15  cards
33a. Latin to English
1 what form of the verb is found ...,
1a explain why this construction ...,
2 name the specific type of condi...
40  cards
33b. English to Latin
6 if reason leads you sg are happ...,
7 if reason leads you sg would ha...,
8 if reason should lead you sg wo...
33  cards
34a. Latin to English
1 state the chief peculiarity of ...,
2 write a synopsis of conor in 1s...,
3 write a synopsis of conor in 1s...
72  cards
34b. English to Latin
10 he thinks that these evils oug...,
11 we shall try to endure these e...,
12 if you do not wish to die endu...
27  cards
35a. Latin to English
1 a certain number of verbs which...,
2 some other verbs also when comp...,
2b do all compound verbs take the...
61  cards
35b. English to Latin
4 he saved the leader,
5 he served the leader,
6 slaves serve other men
20  cards
36a. Latin to English
1 we have already learned how the...,
2 list some common latin verbs th...,
31 label if subjunctive or transl...
57  cards
36b. English to Latin
4 he said that they were studying...,
5 he told why they were studying ...,
6 he said that they should study ...
24  cards
37a. Latin to English
1a name the tenses and moods in w...,
1b otherwise what is the stem of ...,
2 state the nominative singular a...
91  cards
37b. English to Latin
101 for one day,
102 in one day,
103 on that day
34  cards
38a. Latin to English
1 what does a relative clause wit...,
2 what does a relative clause wit...,
3 what is the basic difference be...
44  cards
38b. English to Latin
5 my friend who defended the cons...,
6 but there was no one who would ...,
6a in 5 the qui defendit states a...
38  cards
39a. Latin to English
1a define the term gerund,
1b what is the ending of the geru...,
1c how is the gerund declined in ...
71  cards
39b. English to Latin
4 we learn by experiencing,
5 they came to learn for learning,
6 he gave devoted himself to lear...
57  cards
40a. Latin to English
1 explain the essential differenc...,
2 what word is used to introduce ...,
2b what word s is used to introdu...
26  cards
40b. English to Latin
4 i greatly fear that the general...,
5 she was a woman of the greatest...,
6 do not fear that all men and wo...
22  cards

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