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Anaesthesia: Intro and Sedation and Premedication
What is general anaesthesia,
What is the job of a vet for anae...,
What are some general considerati...
44  cards
Anaesthesia: Clinical Induction and Maintenance and Pain
What is pain,
What is nociception,
How does nociception translate to...
49  cards
Anaesthesia: Management of Long Term Pain and Locoregional Anaesthesia SS
What is chronic pain,
What are the different types of c...,
What is myofascial pain
64  cards
Anaesthesia: Essentials of Monitoring and Intraoperative Complications
What is the aim of monitoring,
Why is monitoring essential,
How can a patient be monitored us...
37  cards
Anaesthesia: Premed and Induction practicals
What are the aims of premedication,
Anna is a 1 year old pugshe is du...,
Anna is a 1 year old pugshe is du...
17  cards
Anaesthesia: Monitoring Small Animals and Equine Practicals
How would you monitor anaesthesia...,
Can you name these devices,
How would you monitor anaesthesia...
15  cards
Anaesthesia: Small Animal Locoregional Techniques and Recovery Practicals
What block would you use for a to...,
What are all the options for dese...,
What are the pros and cons of eac...
6  cards
Anaesthesia: Maintenance and Equine Locoregional Techniques Practicals
What is the definition of boas,
What are the problems found with ...,
You are called out to a horse wit...
11  cards
Anaesthesia: Recovery and Anaesthesia Emergencies
Which period carries the highest ...,
What of anaestetic deaths occured...,
What is the most common anaesthet...
24  cards
What is the health triad,
What are the,
What are all the positive motivat...
128  cards
What is biosecurity,
What are three ways of managing i...,
How can disease challenge be reduced
38  cards
Small Animal Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine: ECG/Interactive
What is the definition of an ecg,
What part of the heart is the pac...,
Describe how the pqsrt complex is...
58  cards
Small Animal Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine: Examination, Pathophysiology and Management
What signs might a dog with respi...,
What conditions are of the resp c...,
What history finddings may sugges...
58  cards
Equine Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine: Diagnostic Approach and Cardiology
What are some common presenting s...,
What history and signalment would...,
What should be observed from a di...
36  cards
Clinical Pathology- Haematology: Anaemia
What is the definition of anaemia,
What causes anaemia,
Typically which causes of anaemia...
77  cards
Clinical Pathology- Haematology: Approach to Bleeding Patient and Transfusion Medicine
If a patient arrives and is bleed...,
How can the patient be stablilised,
Briefly describe the process of h...
54  cards
Day 1- Clinical Exam: Farm, SA and Equine
What can be assesed as soon as yo...,
What are the parts to a clinical ...,
How should general history be taken
49  cards
Clinical Pathology: Equine Clinical Pathology and Anaemia
What must be considered about cli...,
What is sensitivity and specificity,
What is ppv and npv
53  cards
Clinical Pathology: Intro to Cytology, Cytology of Effusions
What are the indications for cyto...,
What are the expectations for cyt...,
What are histology and cytology w...
30  cards
Clinical Pathology- Haematology: Leucocytes and Polycythaemia
How do leucocytes get transported...,
Which 2 leucocytes are involved i...,
Which leucocytes are granulocytes...
48  cards
SA Dentistry: Intro, Dental Radiography, Peridontal Disease
What is the primary and permanent...,
With the triadan teeth naming sys...,
What is the primary and permanent...
55  cards
Small Animal Dentistry: Extractions, Feline Dental Disease, Interactive
What are reasons for teeth extrac...,
What is closed tooth extraction w...,
What is required and describe the...
27  cards
Equine Dentistry and Diseases of the Head
What can dental disease result in...,
What type of teeth do horses have,
What is a horses deciduous and pe...
111  cards
Day 1- Triage and Assessment of Emergencies and Large Animal Rescue
What are the two definitions of t...,
What are the three steps to real ...,
When triaging what needs to be co...
8  cards
Diagnostic Imaging: Principles, Thoracic 1 and 2
Order the following from most,
What is pa,
What is basic interpretation
41  cards
Neurology: Clinical Neuroanatomy, Neurolocalisation
What are the main cns divisions o...,
How does the spine matter appear,
What makes up the pns
55  cards
Neurology: SA Neurological Exam, Equine Neurological Exam, Interactive
What are the three components of ...,
What are the different mentations...,
Where does alteration of behaviou...
44  cards
Nutrition: Critical Care and Management of Obesity
What is nutritional support,
What is the importance of nutriti...,
What are the ways of enteral nutr...
23  cards
Day 1- Principles of Certification, Eq Passport/Certification and SA vaccines
What causes a breach or issues of...,
How many principles of certificat...,
What is principle 1 of certification
47  cards
Farm Repro and Neonatal
What are congenital issues,
Dystocia is commonly due to,
How long should it take a calf to...
68  cards
SA Soft Tissue Surgery: General Surgical Principles and Basic Wound Management
Name halsteads 7 principles of su...,
What is the least traumatic cutti...,
What are the different grips of h...
115  cards
Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery: Nasal Disease, URT Disease
What clinical signs will an anima...,
What are some common causes of ac...,
What can cause chronic nasal disease
81  cards
Soft Tissue Surgery: Haemostasis and Asepsis
What are the different haemostati...,
What are radiofrequency instrumen...,
What are examples of vessel seali...
12  cards
Soft Tissue Surgery: Surgery of the Urinary Tract, Investigation, Urethra
What are the developmental abnorm...,
What are the indications for rena...,
How can kidney biopsy be approached
24  cards
Soft Tissue Surgery Equine Principles of Wound Healing 1 and 2
What is one of the first consider...,
How much does skin thickness vary...,
What are tension lines what are t...
18  cards
Orthopaedics: Intro and Developmental Diseases
What are the 5 functions of bones,
What is trabecular and cortical bone,
Describe how bone develops
30  cards
Orthopaedics: Assessment of Fracture, Fracture Healing and Orthoexamination
When should you see a horse with ...,
What needs to be assessed with a ...,
How can fracutre pat
29  cards
Orthopaedics: Cattle Lameness, Arthritides, Tendons, Ligaments and Muscle
What is lameness commenly mistake...,
Why is lameness on farms importan...,
How can lameness be monitored
64  cards
Therapeutics: Equine and Farm Animal
Name all 10 classes of antimicrob...,
Why are beta lactams commonly use...,
What are cephalosporins moa how a...
27  cards
Small Animal Urinary Tract Medicine
What are the functions of the kid...,
What is the difference between pr...,
What is the difference between ac...
11  cards
SA reproduction
When does a bitch start cycling,
What are the classic in heat cycl...,
How long do the following stages ...
35  cards
Equine Repro and Neonatology
Over what age is classed as a mare,
How does a mare cycle,
How long does the oestrus cycle l...
12  cards

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