If you're reading this, you're probably planning to study for the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), and you may have even read our seminal guide on How to study for the bar exam more efficiently. We though you might also be interested in hearing more about the most effective tool to help you truly internalize all those key concepts.

Who doesn't want help, amirite?

Brainscape's MBE flashcards were developed by a team of Attorneys from UCLA School of Law, along with learning scientists from Yale and Columbia Universities. The team recognized that the tools provided in full-service Bar Review programs (BarBri, Kaplan, Themis, etc) were not aligned with the demands of today’s Bar Exam.

The key to success on the Bar Exam is the ability to quickly recall and apply bite-sized portions of law; however, the current long-winded structure of Bar Review miss the mark on creating an effective study resource for ingraining the information needed for success.

Brainscape’s MBE flashcards have condensed ALL the core concepts covered in these full-service programs into the bite-sized facts. These facts are taught using the best law school flashcards with which students can easily learn and leverage for success on the Bar Exam.

We used a combination of old Bar Exams, course notes, competitors’ test prep books, and advice from experienced tutors to ensure quality and COMPREHENSIVENESS. Dozens of student testers from top schools have helped us continually refine the content toward perfection over a period of two years.

And now THOUSANDS of top students are using it to boost their scores on the MBE.

[If you're taking the MBE, study Brainscape's MBE flashcards—and start today.]

Of course, if you’re just looking for flashcards for your individual law classes, you can always check out the content created by other top students and professors around the country, by checking out the Brainscape Law Flashcards Marketplace.

We even have Brainscape MBE Hands-Free Studying videos, making studying as easy as possible. We read you key questions & answers that give you important background knowledge, allowing you juggle studying and ... anything else (exercise, anyone?).

And if you need help coping with it all, check out our Law Academy article: 5 Tips for staying sane during your bar exam preparations.

If you have any questions or comments about this content, or if you would like to discuss a bulk license for your whole class or school, please feel free to contact us to discuss!

Best of luck on your studies either way!