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who approves tuition reimbursement

The Department Manager and the Human Resources Director will determine, which specific courses of training will be approved as reimbursable instruction and who may participate


what is theTuition repayment requirement

Employees who voluntarily terminate employment within twenty-four (24) months from the date the tuition reimbursement check was issued shall be required to reimburse the City of Mesa in full for all tuition reimbursement received within the last twenty-four (24) months of employment upon separation from the City. (Retirement is considered a voluntary termination


when does the tuition reimbursement form have to be turned in

Tuition Reimbursement Form must be submitted to Fire Personnel and approved prior to the first day of the course. Any forms not submitted to Fire Personnel and approved by the Department Manager prior to the first day of the class may not be approved for tuition reimbursement


how do you get your tuition reimbursement check

Within six months, after successful completion of a course, submit a copy of the official grade report(s), payment receipt(s) and a completed Tuition Payment Form, for payment of the class to the Tuition Representative in Fire Personnel. Fire Personnel will be responsible for submitting the reimbursement request to the City Payroll Office for payment processing


who is responsible for maintaining station commodity and limited medical supplies not stocked by SWA

C" Shift personnel are responsible for maintaining station commodity and limited medical supplies, which are not stocked by South West Ambulance.


how often are orders to be placed

Once a month, the station’s inventory will be evaluated (Recommended PAR level be equal to 45 day supply.)


who needs to approve station improvements over $250

Station improvement or furnishings costing more than $250.00 need approval by all captains assigned to the station on all three shifts, as well as the three B.C.’s. The B.C. or B.C. aide can forward the request to Resource Management for purchase


who is responsible for the purchase of office supplies

Each RC is responsible for the purchase of office supplies. Each battalion aide is responsible for procuring office supplies for the stations in his/her battalion


where are fuel master cards located for when a card is lost or stolen

Fuel master cards are located at all Police/Fire substations and East Valley Service Center. These cards are to be used only in emergency situations


who is responsible for maintaining the reserve apparatus at the station

It is the responsibility of the station Captain to make sure the reserve apparatus assigned to their station, is always kept in a ready status. Anytime this cannot be met, the station Captain must notify their Battalion Chief


who is eligible for mileage reimbursement

Eligibility for mileage reimbursement will follow FLSA policies on established work hours and schedules. Generally, mileage incurred traveling from home to an assigned work site is not reimbursable. Eligibility for mileage reimbursement during a work shift begins after arrival to the assigned work site. Travel to alternate sites to assemble needed supplies or personal equipment is not reimbursable. Members who are on official standby/call-out status will be eligible to receive mileage reimbursement when responding directly from home to emergency incidents in their personal vehicles. Members who drive City vehicles will not be reimbursed for mileage and members who receive vehicle allowances will only receive mileage reimbursement for approved travel outside of Maricopa and Pinal Counties


what needs to be filled out to receive mileage reimbursement

Complete the Mileage Report For Private Vehicle Form. The form must be printed so the member can obtain original signatures. Shift personnel requesting reimbursement will require the signature of a BC. To help calculate mileage, the distance from fire station to fire station or fire station to Training, is available on the Mileage Between Stations Worksheet. 3. Submit the form to their Battalion Aide (shift personnel). Day/Staff members will submit the form to their designated support staff


how do you replace equipment if it is after hours

After hours equipment replacement requires the approval of the member’s Battalion Chief. The Battalion Chief will call the Warehouse Supervisor or the Fire Resource Deputy Chief at their homes and ask for a member of the Fire Resource staff to open the warehouse for equipment procurement


where are day staff vehicles to be washed

It is recommended that staff vehicles be washed and cleaned on a weekly basis at a car-washing facility contracted by the City of Mesa


how far out can the parade truck be scheduled for use

The Parade truck can be scheduled up to six months in advance to be placed on the calendar


where are speed humps allowed to be put in in the city

Speed Humps will not be placed on arterial streets. Arterial streets are the main streets carrying the major flow of traffic. Speed Humps will not be placed on collector streets. Collector streets are typically wider streets that are generally on the half-mile or quarter-mile alignment. These streets are designed to carry a higher volume of traffic from the minor residential streets to the arterial streets. They also act in reverse to carry traffic from the arterial street into the residential area. The wider half-mile collector streets also carry overflow traffic when an arterial is congested and alternate routes are necessary. These streets are not always apparent as collector streets and the Fire Department reserves theright to review them for possible fire route designation when a speed hump study is requested. Speed Humps will not be placed on streets leading to any emergency medical facility. Speed Humps will not be placed on singular major routes leading into residential areas. The Fire Department reserves the right to consider planned future sites of emergency medical services, schools, and residential developments when determining fire routes. The Emergency Services Administrative Support Assistant will review the Speed Hump fire route designation request list submitted by the Transportation Division for final approval /denial on all speed hump requests. Transportation The completed request review will be authorized and returned to the Division. The Emergency Services Administrative Support Assistant will maintain a copy of the completed review in Fire Administration