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What does HIPAA stand for

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996


What is Restraint

Restraint is any mechanism that physically restricts a person's freedom of movement, physical activity, or normal access to his/her body


What is combative pt?

A combative patient is an individual that resists patient care attempts and may bring harm to himself or others. The threat of harm may be intentional or unintentional


What is violent pt?

A violent patient is an individual that demonstrates intent to harm himself, bystanders, or rescuers. Police assistance should be requested immediately


When should circulation be checked on restrained pt?

Circulation to the extremities shall be evaluated at least every 10 minutes when restraints are applied


How should restrained pts be transported?

Patients shall be positioned in a in a manner that does not compromise airway or breathing


Who is responsible for blood glucose quality control monitoring?

Both ALS and BLS providers are responsible for the quality control of all equipment and materials necessary to complete accurate field blood glucose monitoring


When must quality control testing be done?

Each time a new box of glucose test strips is opened • Any time the accuracy of the test strip is questioned


Who contracts with mfmd for bio hazard waste pick up?

Mesa Fire Department contracts with Allied Health Waste for biohazard pickup


Who are the MFMD base hospitals?

The Mesa Fire Department Base Hospital is Banner Desert Medical Center (BDMC). The Backup Base Hospital is Banner Baywood Medical Center (BBMC


When are Mesa Fire ALS providers are required to contact Banner Desert Medical center (or Banner Baywood Medical Center if unable to contact BDMC) for on-line medical control?

Field terminations • Test patches • Inability to contact the appropriate receiving facility


Who is responsible for medication accountability program?

Although this procedure is being performed by the paramedic assigned to the apparatus, it is ultimately the Company Officers responsibility to maintain and monitor compliance with the Medication Accountability programs


What is procedure for lost ems cell phone?

If lost, contact MPD to make a report, complete a prehospital incident report, and contact Tech Services to arrange deactivation of the phone


How are replacement cell phone batteries ordered?

Replacement batteries may be obtained through Resource Management on a one-for-one trade


What is the final type system based on?

The final type reporting system is based on the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS)


When must a DNR Be produced?

Readily available or located within a reasonable amount of time (1-2 minutes. It must show a picture identifying the pt in question, with a valid Dr. Signature.


When must an ALS follow up be done?

Controlled substance administered while patient care is in the control of MFD (e.g., etomidate, diazepam, midazolam, or morphine). • Rapid sequence intubations (RSI) performed and the patient is transported by ground ambulance. • Patient is in respiratory or cardiac arrest. • A “Stroke Alert” is declared for a patient exhibiting a positive FAST score of 2 or more- STEMI. Any unstable patient.


Each _----------an ALS provider is required to inspect and complete a checklist of the emergency issue medical equipment?



Where is emergency issued EMS equipment maintained and stored?

Battalion 201.………..Station 201 • Battalion 202………...Station 209 • Battalion 203………...Station 208


Who is notified first when a crew needs emergency issued ems equipment?

The Battalion Safety Officer (BSO) shall be contacted by the company officer and advised of the equipment request


When it is anticipated that Emergency Issue Equipment will be logged out for a significant period of time (how many shifts?) the BSO shall contact the EMS coordinator to arrange for replacement equipment

More than 3


What percentage does a suction/ ECG battery use if not in the charger?

Remember a battery loses 1% of its charge each day that it is out of the charger. If the battery has not been used for a week it will have lost 7% of its rated capacity before use


What are procedures for failed suction/ECG battery?

If a battery fails, send it to the servicing station within your Battalion, with a memo attached explaining the problem. A replacement will be sent to you. If a replacement is needed immediately, arrange to pick it up from a servicing station. The servicing stations locations are: Station 7, Station 12, and Station 13


ALS recert guidelines?

Every two years each Mesa Fire Department paramedic is required by Arizona Department of Health Services to accrue at least 60 hours of continuing education credit. Nationally recognized certification requires at least 72 hours of continuing education credit


Mesa Fire also sponsors at least (?) hours of mandatory ALS continuing education



When are ALS members notified of an upcoming recert?

At 120 days prior to the individual certification expiration date and again at 60 days prior to that date, the EMS Section will notify providers of the pending expiration


Who is responsible for fire incident reports?

The first arriving/assigned unit and/or Command will be responsible for completing the data entry and closing the incident. If scene was turned over to investigator, then he or she is responsible


What is (PHI)

Protected Health Information


Which employees were required to undergo privacy training in accordance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule

All members of the Mesa Fire Department hired prior to April 14, 2003 were required to undergo privacy training in accordance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule prior to its implementation on that date


When does the rest of he department have to go to privacy training

All new department members will be required to undergo privacy training “within a reasonable time upon association with the organization or after there is a material change to the Department’s policies and procedures on privacy practices


What are the penalties for violating (PHI) protected health information rules

Violators that unintentionally disclose PHI will be subject to penalties of $100 per violation,
up to $25,000 per person, per year for each requirement or prohibition violated.
Up to $50,000 and one year in prison for obtaining or disclosing protected health information
Up to $100,000 and up to five years in prison for obtaining protected health information under “false pretenses”
Up to $250,000 and up to 10 years in prison for obtaining or disclosing protected health information with the intent to sell, transfer or use it for commercial advantage, personal gain, or malicious harm


What is in the latex free kit

Latex Free Kit
• 8 Pair XL Latex Free Gloves
• 8 Pair L Latex Free Gloves
• 5 “Blue” IV Tourniquets
• 1 Bottle Opener
• 5 Latex Allergy Armbands
• 1 Roll Latex Allergy Altering Stickers
• 5 PPE Sleeves


What ambulance region is mesa i

the valley is divided into two ambulance regions: Eastern and Western. Mesa is part of the Eastern Region, which also includes the communities of Apache Junction, Chandler, Gilbert, and Tempe


When is altered transport protocol used

When the Eastern Region is down to seven (7) available ambulances, The Southwest Ambulance Administrator on Call (AOC) will activate the altered transportation protocol. Once activated, this protocol will remain in effect for a minimum of one (1) hour. Alarm will notify responding crews (on every call) during dispatch and by a message on the initial dispatch screen on their MDT. When operating under altered transportation protocol, Alarm will only provide automatic EMS transportation unit dispatch on calls that meet the automatic code three-transport unit requirement. These calls include non-breathers, drowning incidents, and childbirth. Automatic EMS transportation response on 2-and1 medicals will be limited to one ground unit and an air ambulance on standby


When do hospitals give status updates

Status updates will be entered as often as necessary and will be required to be updated every 12 hours. When an emergency facility has been assigned to a mass casualty incident, status notification will be required every 15 minutes during the incident


Who is responsible for EPCR on paTients

Company officers will be responsible for initiating and ensuring the completion of the EPCR on every patient encountered. The officer may delegate this duty to other members of the crew as needed


What is on a pre hospital directives

A Pre-hospital Medical Care Directive which is printed on an orange background and may be either letter or wallet size. This document will include biographical information about the patient and signatures of a licensed health care provider and a witness. A photograph is not required but may be attached


Can a PMCd bracelet substitute for an actual PMCD

The bracelet serves to inform that a PMCD exists but is not a substitute for the actual PMCD document


To be valid, a PMCD must:

• Be printed on an orange background (letter or wallet size)
• Be filled out completely
• Be signed and dated by the following individuals:
1. A Licensed health care provider.
2.Patient or surrogate
3.Witness (not a relative, surrogate, or beneficiary)
• Readily available or located within a reasonable amount of time (1-2 minutes


What is the accident policy regarding mesa public schools

The Mesa Fire Department and the City Attorney’s Office have reviewed and accept the accident policy and procedures of the Mesa Unified School District. Based upon these procedures, the Mesa Fire Department will not require that a Mesa Public Schools representative sign any document related to children involved in bus accidents in which the bus was under the responsibility of the school district at the time of the incident. This policy does not include other school districts or commercial providers of public transportation


How many batteries for suction and monitors are kept per unit

All ALS units will have six (6) batteries (two (2) for the suction unit and four (4) for the monitor). Stations 1, 8, and 9 (E.M.S. Emergency Issue) will have 9 batteries in rotation. The batteries will be marked accordingly: Suction (red marker) and Lifepak (black marker


How long do suction batteries need to charge

Do not keep batteries in the charger once the charged light comes on which is approximately 4.5 hours maximum. This could cause overheating, overcharging, and premature failure of the battery


Can suction batteries be used in the monitor

Suction batteries should not be used for the monitor. If, during an emergency only, this should occur, return the battery to the servicing station for immediate testing. A memo should be attached explaining the situation


When a new member is ALS can they do skills

An unassigned ALS Candidate may be permitted to perform ALS skills (to maintain state certification) upon approval by the EMS Deputy Chief and the MFD Administrative Medical Director. ALS skills shall only be performed under the direct supervision of a MFD ALS member


If a member goes to medic school on their own when do they get recognized as ALS

Unassigned ALS personnel who have received Paramedic certification on their own, or who have been hired with an ALS certification will be placed on a list and will be selected by seniority, based on department need


How long will new ALS member be precepted for

It will be for a period not less than 9 shifts, and not more than 30 shifts


What happens if a new ALS member does not meet requirements to be assigned

After two unsuccessful attempts to complete the requirements above, the unassigned/probationary ALS provider will be required to maintain their ALS certification on his or her own and provide proof of continued ALS certification to the EMS Section