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All requests for absence XE "absence" from scheduled work should be submitted to the employee's supervisor at least (?) hours prior to the beginning of the absence,



1.​For the first (1st) instance of unexcused absence, the employee shall receive a?

Written reprimand


For the second (2nd) instance of unexcused absence within six (6) months of the first unexcused absence, the employee may receive up to a (?)day suspension



3.​For the third (3rd) instance of unexcused absence within six (6) months of the first unexcused absence, the employee may be (?)



A written plan that alerts an employee about a performance problem and provides a period of time to correct this performance problem. The plan outlines the expectations, steps to be completed by the employee, and warns the emote of the potential consequences for failing to complete the plan successfully. It is signed by the employee, or a witness if employee refuses to sign, and shall be forwarded to HR for inclusion into the employees official personnel file.

Corrective Action Plan


What is the 4th level of formal discipline per Personnel Rules?



What is the second level of formal discipline? An employee may be placed on this probation for violation of the Standards of Conduct.

Disciplinary Probation


What is the fifth level of formal discipline?



What is the third level of formal discipline?


An employee is released from work for a specific period of time without pay.


A memo from a supervisor that documents and counsels an employee about a performance and/or behavior issue, and identifies potential consequences should the problem continue. Documents of this nature shall be signed by the employe or a witness and forwarded to HR for inclusion into their official personnel file.

Written Counseling


What is the first level of formal discipline?

Written Reprimand


Fire personnel working a 24 hour shift are eligible to receive overtime compensation for hours worked in excess of (?) hours during the (?) day work period.

204 , 27


- Two (2) employees filling one (1) full-time budgeted position by each employee working
one-half (½) of the regular work shift

Job Share


- An at-will employee (previously referred to as unclassified) is not protected by the
merit system, serves at the will and pleasure of the City, and may be dismissed at any time, with or
without cause and without right of appeal. Such employees include part-time employees, seasonal
employees, temporary project employees, grant funded employees, employees on initial City probation,
and generally, but not exclusively, those serving in administrator-level positions and above

At-Will Employee


- An employee who is budgeted to work a minimum of forty (40) hours
per pay period on a fiscal year basis (fifty-two [52] weeks per year) and is eligible for regular part-time
benefits. A benefited part-time employee is at-will

Benefited Part-Time Employee


- For purposes of these rules, a “City Manager designee” includes but may not
be limited to: Assistant City Manager, Police Chief, Fire Chief, City Attorney, City Magistrate, City Clerk,
City Auditor, and Assistant to the City Manager. The City Manager may designate other positions as
such when deemed appropriate.

City Manager Designee


) A group of positions sufficiently similar as to duties performed, scope of
discretion and responsibility, minimum requirements of training, experience, or skill, and such other
characteristics that the same title and the same pay range apply to each position in the group.

Classification - (Class


- A position with a designated initial regular probationary period.

Classified Position


- extra compensation given to an employee who has additional and/or specialized
knowledge, skill and ability that meets the City’s requirements for such extra compensation (for
example: bilingual compensation, hazardous materials, toxicology paramedic, advanced life support

Components Of Pay


- The advancement of an employee from one class to another class (with a
higher maximum pay range) in a class series based on pre-approved criteria, without a competitive

Criteria-Based Promotion


- Unpaid time away from work

Dock Status


- A waiting period for the short-term disability benefit.

Elimination Period


- Full-time sworn fire and police employees in classifications where the number of
employees available to perform the function is limited (minimum staffing); the function requires
specialized skills; or failure to perform the function may have serious consequences.

Essential Personnel


- A plan, considered by the City Council during budget hearings that provides
a flexible pay scale and additional benefits to attract and retain management personnel.

Executive Benefits Plan


- Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, and amendments.



-an allegation by a classified employee that the Personnel Rules or the
written rules and procedures of any City department have been misinterpreted or misapplied as to that
employee; or that the employee has been discriminated against in violation of federal or state law or has
been inappropriately denied a step pay increase.



- An employee appointed to perform the duties of a position for
nineteen (19) hours or less a week on a fiscal year basis and is not eligible for benefits. A nonbenefited part-time employee is at-will.

Non-Benefited Part-Time Employee


- A person who is appointed to perform the duties of a position for less than forty
(40) hours a week. Part-time employees shall not work more than thirty-two (32) hours per week, or
sixty-four (64) hours biweekly for more than nine (9) pay periods or eighteen (18) weeks in a fiscal year

Part-Time Employee


- A hearing where a classified employee is given an opportunity to present
reasons, either orally or in writing (or both) as to why a proposed disciplinary reduction in pay,
disciplinary action of suspension (of more than sixteen (16) working hours), demotion, or dismissal, is
not warranted.

Pre-Deprivation Hearing


- A person appointed under the provisions of a public service employment
program. These persons shall not be entitled to benefits unless specifically approved by the City

Public Service Employee


- A list of qualified applicants for an open competitive recruitment

Recruitment Summary List


What happens to an employees seniority who switched from full time to part time and back again

An employee hired in a full-time classification, who subsequently converted to
part-time status, and then returned to full-time status, shall only receive credited employment for onehalf (½) service credit for the time spent in part-time status, in addition to the years/months employed in
a full-time classification.


- Any time-off in excess of thirty (30) consecutive calendar days that is not covered by
the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Crime Victims’ Rights Act or Military Leave.

Special Leave


The following
are examples of ________ , voluntary dock, disciplinary dock, absent without
authority dock.

industrial dock


Each employee's official personnel file shall contain:

1. Employee application
2. New employee hire form
3. Loyalty Oath
4. Personnel changes
5. Notices of promotion
6. Disciplinary forms and employee responses, (e.g., grievances and appeals)
7. Performance appraisals
8. Corrective Action Plans
9. Written Counselings


What physical or mental disabilities disqualify an applicant from employment

Physical and mental conditions of an applicant for City of
Mesa employment shall be disqualifying only if they are of a nature which will preclude the full
performance, with reasonable accommodation, of the essential functions of the position.
Evaluation of physical and mental condition shall be conducted by a physician or other health
care practitioner designated by the City.


When will a sworn personnel promotional list be considered expired

A sworn promotional list may be considered expired if fewer than three (3) candidates remain on the list


Can relatives work together

relative of a current City employee may be employed as a full-time,
part-time, seasonal, or temporary project employee, or a worker employed through a temporary
employment agency, in the same department as the currently employed relative. However no employee may directly supervise a relative


What is the decrease in pay for a demotion

An employee who is demoted for disciplinary reasons shall be paid at the highest step in the lower pay range that is at least five percent (5%) lower than the employee's salary
prior to the demotion.


Unpaid Time Off - The time an employee is absent from work and is not receiving pay. The following are examples of unpaid time off:

industrial dock, voluntary dock, disciplinary dock, absent without
authority dock


Vacation time accruals

Seven point five (7.5) hours per pay period * twenty-six (26) pay periods = one
hundred ninety-five (195) hours.
• An additional six point six (6.6) hours will be granted on January 1 of each
year for a total of two hundred one point six (201.6) hours per calendar year.


Sick time accruals

Five (5) hours per pay period * twenty-six (26) pay periods = one hundred
thirty (130) hours.
• An additional four point four (4.4) hours will be granted on January 1 of each
year for a total of one hundred thirty-four point four (134.4) hours per calendar