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What article of the UNDHR gives all the right to a free education?

Article 26 (1)


Where does universal education really only exist?

In advanced democracies, conflict and the expense of even primary education is too much.


before the 1800's what was rare in Europe?

having a formal education


Why did access to education expanded?

The need for a literate workforce grew
+ the Church's desire to have an educated following


What do all Australians enjoy today?

The right to a free formal education


Why should everyone have the right to an education?

because it is an important tool in improving the quality of life. Education is key to economic development and the enjoyment of many other human rights.


What act established a system of state elementary school throughout NSW?

Public Schools Act 1866 (NSW)


What act saw the government take control of all the Church-run schools (except the Catholic Church) and making education free, secular and compulsory?

Public Instruction Act 1880 (NSW)


What does Malala Yousafzai fight for?

Malala Yousafzai – education within her country and got shot in the head


Women were not given access to....

secondary and universal education for some time IN Australia


What is compulsory in Australia?

To attend school from 6 -15 years of age. (17 years in Australia, or have an apprenticeship)


Why does universal education provide opportunities for developing nations?

Education provides sills and knowledge to improve employment prospects that in turn increases wealth and standard of living for the community. They provide future earning capacity and the skills to fight/demand protection of fundamental HR.


What is the implication of having a highly educated population in a democracy?

the democracy can collectively promote individual rights.


What is the more recent act for education in NSW

Education Act 1990


How many children are estimated to not have access to primary education

100 million children

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