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Define the public sector?

Services that are provided by the national or local government, funded from taxation, provided and managed for the good of the local community


What are some examples of public sector facilities?

Multi-sport centres
Swimming pools
Sport pitches
Adventure playgrounds
Leisure pools
Nature trails
Local sport halls


What is dual use?

A school sport and physical recreation facility that is used by the a school in the school hours for curricular and extra curricular use. But outside of their hours it's used by the local community


What is joint use?

An extension of dual use, when a sport and physical recreation facility is planned and built to be used by a school and the local community


Define the private sector?

Active leisure and recreation facilities and services provided at a higher standard than public sector facilities. The prime aim is to make profit


What do private enterprises now offer opportunities for?

Squash and tennis
Fitness and conditioning
Outdoor and adventurous activities
Children's play facilities
Health and spa facilities


What are the characteristics of the private sector?

Main objective to make profit
Provide high quality facilities
High memberships charges
Do not need to meet Government set standard
Owned privately


What are the characteristics of the public sector?

Not as high quality facilities
Run by the local council
Funding from lottery funding/tax
Have to follow best value
Have to meet standards set by the Government
Best Value


Define voluntary sector provision

The provision of active leisure, recreation and sporting opportunities by individuals who don't receive payment. Provision made by members for members


What are the characteristics of the voluntary sector?

Profits go back into the club
Funding from memberships and match fees
Roles are filled by volunteers
Receive grants from National Lottery, Sport England and other national governing bodies
Hold social activities for funding


What are the pros and cons of the private sector?

Can meet individual needs
High quality facilities
More experts
Can resistive memberships as not to overcrowd

Waiting lists
Social exclusivity/discrimination
Sport may suffer from social discrimination