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Describe a skill

They have an objective, they are learnt, they should be aesthetically pleasing, they are the use of a technique at the right place and time, they are regularly successful


Describe an ability

Inherited traits that determine a person's potential to acquire skills. Like balance, coordination, agility and reaction time.


What is motor ability?

A series of genetically inherited traits that determine an individuals coordination, agility, balance and reaction time.


What is perceptual ability?

the ability to take in, recognise and understand information


What is cognitive skill?

Choosing actions, decision making, problem solving and reasoning based of past experiences. Cognitive skills gets better with experience.


What is perceptual skill?

How well we select, organise, recognise information that we have gained from our senses.
Selecting, interpreting and making sense of the information from our senses.


What is psychomotor skill?

The movement decided upon and controlled by the brain.


Whats the difference between an open and closed skill?

Open are affected by the environment, (eg pitch, opponents, teammates flight of ball) requires a high level of cognitive skill and perceptual skill. Typically externally paced EG) invasion games/netball/cricket

Closed are not affected by the environment, its stable and unchanging. Requires a low level of cognitive skill and perceptual skill. Little decision making. Typically self paced EG) Gymnastics


Whats the difference between an externally paced and self paced skill?

Externally - rate of movement if controlled by external factors. EG opponents

Self - The rate of movement if controlled by the performer EG) in Gymnastics, the speed to a rotation


Whats the difference between a gross and fine skill?

Gross - Major muscle groups are used in the movement. Associated with strength and power, require little control, EG) kicking/ throwing/ shot-put/ long jump

Fine - Intricate small movements, associated with accuracy and precision. Requires good hand-eye coordination. EG) badminton drop shot


Describe the discrete-serial-continuous continuum

Discrete - A single specific skill, often short and brief. Has a clear end point. EG) Basketball free throw

Serial - A number of discrete skills linked together. The first movement then triggers the next. EG) Gymnastics routine/ triple jump.

Continuous - The movement is ongoing, the pattern in continuously repeated. Np clear beginning or end . EG) running/swimming/cycling


What are the different skill continuums?

Fine - Gross
Self paced - Externally Paced
Discrete - Serial - Continuous