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What is the mission of the combat engineer battalion?

​To enhance the mobility, counter-mobility, and ​survivability of the Marine division through close ​combat engineer support and to provide the limited general engineering support that is required for the functioning of the Marine division


The CEB contains what companies?

​H&S company, Support company, 4 Combat engineer ​companies


The CEB support company contains what platoons?

​HQ, Equipment, Utilities, Motor-T


The CEB combat engineer company contains what platoons?

​HQ, 3 combat engineer platoons


What are the 6 mobility tasks of a CEB?

​Conduct recon, coordinate breaching, employ bridges, repair bridges, construct short span bridges, repair roads


What are the 3 counter-mobility tasks of a CEB?

​Coordinate obstacle systems, construct obstacles which ​require ​special equipment/skills, perform specialized demolition missions


How does the CEB enhance survivability?

​Provide technical assistance and equipment to develop ​temporary protective positions


What are the 3 general engineering tasks of a CEB?

​Provide essential construction, utility support, ​construct/improve V/TOL sites


What is the mission of the engineer support company?

​Provide personnel, equipment and task units to battalion ​and provide potable water and electricity


What are the 4 tasks of the engineer support company?

​Provide construction materials, potable water, electrical ​power, motor-t


What is the mission of combat engineer company?

​To provide close combat support of an engineering nature as necessary to meet the essential requirements ​of an infantry regiment and other division elements in ​combat operations


How many combat engineer platoons can the CEB provide to each infantry battalion?



What are the 13 tasks of a combat engineer company?

​Engineer recon, cross-country movement, cover dry and ​wet gaps, light rafts, reinforce/repair bridges, improve ​terrain for ​helos, fabricate light obstacles, ​minefields/booby traps, cut and ​cover type ​fortifications, demolition/breaching, clear minefield, ​related tasks when augmented