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What are the 10 Marine Corps aviation platforms and primary function?

​AH-1W Cobra (attack)
​CH-46E Sea Knight (medium lift support helo)
​CH-53D Sea Stallion (transport equip/supplies)
​CH-53E Super Sea Stallion (transport heavy equip/supplies)
​UH-1N Huey (utility helo)
​MV-22B Osprey (amphibious assault transport of troops, equipment ​and supplies from assault ships and land bases)
​EA-6B Prowler (EW, EA, ES, EP, HARM)
​AV-8B Harrier 11 (Attack and destroy surface targets under day and ​night visual conditions.
​KC130F/R/T Hercules (In-flight refueling; tactical transport)
​F-18A/B/C Hornet (Intercept/attack and destroy)
​F-18D (multi-sensor imagery recon, provide supporting arms)


List the armaments for each aviation platform.

​AH-1W 20mm turreted cannon with 750 rounds. 4 external wing ​stations that can fire 2.75"/5" rockets. Tow/Sidewinder/Sidearm (anti ​radar)
​CH-53E Two XM-218 .50 cals
​UH-1N M-240, GAU-16 .50 caliber. Two 7-shot or 19-shot 2.75" ​rocket pods.

​EA-6B ALQ-99 Tactical Jamming System, USQ-113 Comm Jammer, ​High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM)
​AV-8B Seven external store stations, comprising six wing stations for ​AIM-9 Sidewinder, AGM-65 Maverick missiles. GAU-12 25mm six ​barrel gun. 300 round capacity ammo pod.
​F-18A/B/C: 9 wing stations, 2 wingtip stations for AIM-7 Sparrows, ​AIM-9 Sidewinders, AMRAAMs, AGM-84 Harpoons. 2 inboard ​stations. MK80 general-purpose bombs. CBU-59 cluster bombs. ​AN M61 20mm six-barrel gun mounted in the nose. McDonnell ​Douglass director gun sight.
​F-18D: AGM-65 Maverick


List the CREW for each aviation platform.

​AH-1W: 2 officers
​CH-46E: 4, Pilot, Copilot, Crew Chief, 1st Mechanic/Aerial Gunner
​CH-53D: 4, Pilot, Copilot, Crew Chief, 1st Mechanic/Aerial Gunner
​CH-53E: 4, Pilot, Copilot, Crew Chief, 1st Mechanic/Aerial Gunner
​UH-1N: Officer-2, Enlisted-2
​EA-6B: 4
​AV-8B: 1
​KC130F/R/T: 2 pilots, 1 navigator/systems operator, 1 flight ​engineer, 1 first mechanic, 1-2 loadmaster
​F-18A/B/C: 1:
​F-18D: 2


State the MISSION for each aviation platform.

​AH-1W: Fire support and security for forward and rear area forces
​CH-46E: Troop assault (primary), movement of equip/supplies (sec)
​CH-53D: Transport troops/supplies during amphib assault
​CH-53E: Heavy lift - 16 tons 50 nautical miles and back. 16Klbs ​howitzer is typical load or 26Klbs LAV. 37 or 55 passengers
​UH-1N: C/C, combat assault, medivac. 6 litter/1 attendant
​MV-22B: Assault support
​EA-6B: Collect tactical electronic order of battle
​AV-8B: Attack and destroy surface/air targets, to escort helicopters, ​and to conduct other such air operations as may be directed.
​KC130F/R/T: Multi-role/mission tactical tanker transport. ​Removable 3600 gallon fuel tank. Xfer 300 gpm to 2 aircraft ​simultaneously.
​F-18A/B/C: Intercept and destroy enemy aircraft. Close air support, ​precision deep air support (radar search/attack), armed escort, SEAD
​F-18D: Armed recon, multi-sensor imagery recon (pre/post strike ​target damage assessment)


Define ARG:

​Amphibious readiness group (5K personnel)


State the class ship for each of the following:

​LHA: Tarawa (5 ships)
​LHD: Wasp
​LPD: Austin
​LSD: Harpers Ferry


State the features for each of the following:

​LHA: Land and sustain USMs on any shore during hostilities. Holds ​1 LCAC. Centerpiece of ARG. 3K personnel.
​LHD: Improvement to Tarawa class. Carry 3 LCACS. ​Improved elevator and flight deck. 2 more helos than LHA
​LPD: Combines 3 different classes. LSD (dock landing ship), LST ​(tank landing ship), LKA (attack cargo ship).
​LSD: Launch LCACs. Can act as primary control ship during assault


Hospital Ships (HSS) are operated by who?

​T-AH sealift command


What are the 2 missions of a hospital ship?

​a) to provide mobile afloat capability
​b) provide full-service hospital for use by government agencies ​involved in disaster relief and humanitarian operations.


How many ships are in the T-AK (sealift) cpl Louis J. Hauge Jr. clas?



How many maritime pre-positioning ships are there?

​13 (pre-positioned in Diego Garcia). On location in west pac, indian ​ocean, Mediterranean sea.


What is war?

​National power unable to achieve national objectives or protect ​national interests any other way.


What is MOOTW?

​Focuses on deterring war
​resolving conflict
​promoting peace
​supporting civil authorities in response to domestic crises.



​International agreement governing the #s, types, performance ​characteristics of weapon systems. Example = Seizing WMD, ​escorting authorized deliveries of weapons.


What is antiterrorism?

​DEFENSIVE measure used to reduce vulnerability to terrorist acts


What is counter terrorism?

​OFFENSIVE measures taken to prevent, deter and respond to ​terrorism


What is enforcement of sanctions/maritime intercept operations?

​Coercive measures to interdict the movement of certain types of ​designated items into or out of a nation or specified area.

​EXAMPLE = Operation Support Democracy conducted off the coast ​of Haiti beginning in 1993


What is Enforcing exclusion zones?

​Prohibited specified activities in specific geographic area.
​EXAMPLE = operation Southern watch in Iraq (1992). Operation ​Deny Flight in Bosnia (1993)


What is ensuring freedom of navigation and over flight?

​Demonstrates US or international rights to navigate sea or air routes.
​EXAMPLE = Attain document (ops against Libya 1996), or Berlin air ​quarters


What is humanitarian assistance?

​Relieve or reduce results of disasters or other endemic conditions
​EXAMPLE = Sea Angel 1 (1991), Sea Angel 2 (1992) in Bangladesh


What is military support to civil authorities?

​Temp support to domestic civil authorities when permitted by law, ​and are normally taken when an emergency overtaxes the capabilities ​of the civil authorities.
​EXAMPLE: Hurricane Andrew 1992


What is Nation assistance/support to counterinsurgency?

​Civil or military assistance rendered based on mutual agreements
​EXAMPLE: Foreign military sales, economic support fund


What are noncombatant evacuation ops (NEO)?

​Relocate threatened noncombatants from a foreign country.
​EXAMPLE: Operation eastern exit 1991 from Somalia. Operation ​Quick lift from Zaire


What are Peace operations?

​Military operations to support diplomatic efforts to reach a long term ​political settlement and categorized as peacekeeping ops (PKO)
​EXAMPLE: Operation able sentry, US forces deployed to Macedonia ​in 1993 in support of the UN effort to limit the fighting in the former ​republic of Yugoslavia.


What is Protection of shipping?

​Protection of US flag vessels and their property against unlawful ​violence in and over international waters.
​EXAMPLE: Operation Earnest Will, the reflagging of Kuwaiti ships ​in 1987


What are strikes and raids?

​Offensive operations conducted to inflict damage on, seize, or ​destroy an objective for political purposes.
​EXAMPLE: Operation El Dorado Canyon against Libya in 1986 in ​response to terrorist bombing in Berlin


Throughout history military planners have viewed cities as what?

​Centers of gravity


Discuss the 5 examples of MOUT:

STALINGRAD (1942-1943): Soviet defense against Germans created task organized assault units. Greater than 1.63 million casualties.

BERLIN (1945): Soviet offensive to seize German capital concluded the last battle of WWII in Europe. Lasted 14=30 days. Casualties estimated in the thousands.

SEOL (1950): US and republic of Korea recaptured the South Korean capital from the North Koreans. Combat was centered on seizure of street barricades rather than buildings. 6-13 days with 2,383 casualties.

QUANG TRI i/ii (1972): Northern most major city in South Vietnam. Major urban battles of the Vietnam War. I) 6-13 days. II) 30 days +. Combined casualties 30K +

BEIRUT ii (1982): Israeli campaign to evict the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) from Lebanon. >30 days with 2,300 casualties.


What are the 4 effects that noncombatants may have on military ops?

​Mobility, Firepower, Security, Obstacle Employment


What are the 6 principles of Operation Maneuver from Sea?

​Focus on objective
​Uses sea as maneuver space
​Generates overwhelming tempo and momentum
​Pits strengths against weaknesses
​Emphasizes intel, deceptions, and flexibility
​Integrates all organic, joint, and combined assets