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What is the primary mission of the recon battalion?

​To conduct ground recon and observation in support of ​the Marine division and its elements


Where does force recon perform its mission?

Farther behind enemy lines


Where does battalion recon perform its misison?

​Closer to friendly lines (employed by the division)


What 10 tasks are performed by the recon battalion?

-conducts amphibious recon and advanced nautical navigation
-conducts pre-&post-assault ground recon
-conducts surveillance
-conducts specialized recon
-conducts long range comm and digital imagery
-assists in the replacing and recovery of ground sensors
-possesses specialized insert capability
-provides initial and terminal guidance
-conducts battlefield shaping operations
-conducts post-strike recon


How is the recon battalion organized?

​Organic to division, HQ, service company, 4 recon companies


Each recon company organized how?

​HQ section and 3 platoons (surface swimmers, boat handlers, ​underwater swimmers and parachutists)


What is the sole objective of reconnaissance training?

​Successful execution of the reconnaissance combat mission


Reconnaissance training progresses through what 3 phases?

Entry level training
Advanced level training
Collective training


What are specific training requirements for Entry Level training?

-Execute duties through a recon patrol
-basic weapons handling
-land navigation
-basic comm
-calling for fire
-basic boat handling
-operations and navigation
-identifying foreign weapons,vehicles and equipment
-emplacement of remote sensors


What topics are taught during advanced level training?

-write a patrol order
-issue a warning order and operation order
-lead a patrol
-coordinate the re supply of a unit
-operation of advanced weapons systems
-advanced nautical skills
-duties in an recon operations center
-operating from leading ambushes and raids
-calling Close Air Support Missions
-dive operations


What topics are taught during Collective training?

-Execute a deliberate ambush
-conduct submarine operations
-conduct heliborne operations


Training should often occur off base and when?

​At least half should occur at night