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What does the use of ORM increase?

Operational effectiveness


How does ORM increase operational effectiveness?

​Anticipating hazards and reducing the potential for loss.


How does ORM increase our ability to make informed decisions?

​By providing the best baseline of knowledge and experience available


What are the benefits of applying the ORM process?

​Reduce mishaps, lower costs and provide for more efficient use of ​resources.


Define the following:
Hazard, risk and risk assessment

​HAZARD: A condition with the potential to cause personal injury or ​death, property damage or mission degradation.
​RISK: An expression of possible loss in terms of severity and ​probability.
​RISK ASSESSMENT: The process of detecting hazards and ​assessing associated risks.


What is the 5 step process of ORM?

​1) Identify Hazards
​2) Assess Hazards
​3) Make risk decisions
​4) Implement controls
​5) Supervise


What are the 4 principles of ORM?

​1) Accept risk when benefits outweigh the cost
​2) Accept no unnecessary risk
​3) Anticipate and manage risk by planning
​4) Make risk decisions at the right level


Safety helmets protects against what 3 things?

​Impact, penetration and electrical shock


Single hearing protection is worn at what noise level?

​84 dba (140 peak), 104 dba for double hearing protection


Foot protection is provided at whose expense?



Eye protection is provided at whose expense?



Define the following: hazardous material and hazardous waste

​Hazardous material: Any material that, because of its quantity, concentration, or physical or chemical characteristics, may pose a substantial hazard to human health or the environment when incorrectly used, purposefully released, or accidentally spilled.

Hazardous waste - Any discarded material (liquid, solid, Or gas) which meets the definition of HM and/or is designated as a hazardous waste by the Environmental Protection Agency


MSDS are technical bulletins that contain what information about materials?

Composition, chemical/physical characteristics, health and safety hazards, precautions for safe handling.