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What is the mission of the assault amphibian battalion?

​To land the surface assault elements of the landing force and ​their equipment in a single lift from assault ​shipping during ​amphibious operations to inland ​objectives and to conduct ​mechanized operations and related combat support in subsequent ​operations ashore.


How is the amphibian battalion organized?

​H&S company and four assault amphibian companies


What is the concept of employment for amphib battalion?

​assigned to or in support of MAGTF to provide hip-to-​shore lift capability during amphibious assault


What is the primary mission of the AAVP7A1?

​Armored assault amphibious full-tracked landing ​vehicle to carry troops from ship to shore and to inland ​objectives


What is the cruising range of an AAV?

​Land at 25MPH: 300mi, Water at 2600rmp 7hrs


What is the cruising speed of an AAV?

​Land: 20-30mph, Water: 6mph


What is the maximum speed forward of an AAV?

​Land: 45mph, Water: 8.2mph


What is the maximum speed reverse of an AAV?

​Land: 12mph, Water: 4.5mph