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What is the general energy and taste for herbs that tonify yang?

These herbs are generally sweet and warm, salty and warm or pungent and hot.


What are the primary meridian(s) involved for herbs that tonify yang?

These herbs are used to warm and tonify the Yang of the body. Most of the herbs in this subcategory are used to tonify the Kidney Yang. This is because the kidney Yang is where the primary Yang energy comes from.


Note: Herbs that tonify spleen Yang and heart Yang are mostly introduced in herbs that warm the interior and expel cold.


What are the main symptoms of kidney yang deficiency, kidney failing to grasp lung qi and SP/KI Yang Xu?

Kidney Yang deficiency manifests as intolerance to cold, cold extremities, soreness and weakness of lumbar and knees, low libido, impotence, infertility, frequent urination and enuresis, edema, early aging, slow development in children.

Kidney Yang deficiency failing to grasp lung Qi manifests as wheezing, SOB, and less inhalations than exhalations.

Spleen and kidney yang deficiency manifests as early morning diarrhea, cold and cramping of abdomen, uterine bleeding and thin profuse leucorrhea.



Herbs that tonify yang are often used in combination with what other three categories of herbs?

Often used in combination with herbs that:

•warm the interior and expel cold

•tonify spleen and lungs

•tonify essence and blood


What are cautions and contraindications for herbs that tonify yang?

Contraindicated in patients with yin deficiency with empty heat.


What does Lù Róng mean?

Lù - deer

Róng - antler


Names for Lu Rong?

Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum

Cervus nippon

velvet of the deer antler


Energy, Taste, Meridians for Lu Rong?

Energy: warm

Taste: sweet, salty

Meridians: Kidney, Liver


Functions for Lu Rong?

1. Tonifies kidney and invigrate yang.

2. Tonifies essence and blood of liver and kidney, strengthens bones and sinews.

3. Regulates penetrating (Chong) and conception (Ren) vessels and stabilizes girdle (Dai) vessel.

4. Nourishes Qi and blood, cure sores


Indications for Lu Rong?

  1. fatigue, cold extremeties, enuresis, impotence, spermatorrhea due to Kidney yang Xu
  2. Soreness and pain in lumbus, weak bones, retarded growth of teeth, delay in starting to walk in kids due to kidney xu, delayed development due to deficient Essence and Blood
  3. Uterine bleeding, leukorrhea, due to deficient cold in Chong and Ren, infertility d/t Cold in the womb
  4. Chronic skin lesions, slow healing wounds, boils, yin type ulcers d/t yang xu


What herb would you pair with Lu rong for long-term non-healing sores?

Huang Qi. Together they will nourish qi and blood. Huang Qi - Promote discharge of pus, generate tissue, help healing sores


What does Bā Jî Tiān mean?

Bā - to cling to, to expect, to hope, to be close or next to

Jî - skill or excite maybe?

Tiān - sky


Ba Ji Tian names

Radix Morindae Officinalis

Morinda officinalis How.

morinda root, medicinal Indian mulberry root


Energy, Taste, Meridians for Ba Ji Tian?

Energy: slightly warm

Taste: sweet, acrid

Meridians: Liver, Kidney


Functions of Ba Ji Tian?

1. Tonifies kidney and invigorates yang.

2. Tonifies essence and blood of liver and kidney, strengthens bones and sinews.

3. Disperses wind-damp-cold (Bi Zheng, painful obstruction syndrome)


Indications for Ba Ji Tian?

  1. Impotence, premature ejaculation, morbid leukorrhea, infertility, irregular menstruation d/t Kidney Yang Xu.
  2. Soreness and pain of lumbus, weak bones, retarded growth of teeth, delay in starting to walk in children d/t Kidney Xu or delayed development d/t Essence/Blood Xu
  3. Pain in legs, difficulty walking d/t chronic Wind Damp Cold Bi syndrome


What does Xiān Máo mean?

Xiān - immortal, celestial being

Máo - thatch, grass


Xian Mao names

Rhizoma Curculiginis

Curculigo orchioides

curculigo, golden-eye grass rhizome


Energy, Taste, Meridians for Xian Mao?

Energy: hot

Taste: acrid (pungent)

Meridian: Kidney


Functions for Xian Mao?

1. Tonifies kidney and strengthens yang.

2. Expels cold and damp, stops pain (treats Bi Zheng)

3. Tonify Kidney and Spleen Yang, stop diarrhea


Indications for Xian Mao?

  1. Impotence, Cold Essence spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation d/t kidney Yang Xu
  2. Sore and weak lumbus and knees d/t Kidney Yang Xu. Cold Damp Bi.
  3. Chronic diarrhea d/t KI and SP Xu


What does Yīn Yáng Huò mean?

horny goat herb, horny goat weed

Yīn - ?

Yáng - goat, sheep

Huò - to squander, suddenly