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What is the radiation dosage of a chest x-ray?


Second lowest dosage (to CT)



What is the normal projection of chest x-rays?

- PA unless really poorly 

- Allows us to:

  • see lung bases
  • check heart is not enlarged (as x-rays hit this last)


What anatomy should be included in a chest x-ray for it to be adequate?


How can we tell there is no rotation on towards the detector on a chest x-ray?

Spinous processes and the clavicles line up


What should be seen on the x-ray to ensure the patient has fully inspired?

Why is it important that they take a full breathe in?

In what circumstances might we see incomplete inspiration or exaggerated expansion? 

- If don't take full breath in may think some area is consolidation when it's not 



- Incomplete inspiration on big heart

- Exaggerated expansion on obstructive airways diseases


What should the lung bases look like on a chest x-ray? What patholgy could be suggested by flattened lung bases or asymmetrical lung bases?

- Should be dome shaped

- If flattened and can see 8 or 9 ribs could be emphysema or

-If asymmetrical flattening tension pneumothorax


How can you tell there has been adequate penetration on a chest x-ray?

- Vertebrae just visible through the heart

- Complete left hemidiaphragm visible 


List some artefacts that can appear on a chest x-ray?

- Clothes 

- Hair 

- Surgical lines

- Pace makers


Identify the following anatomical structures 


What should you see on a chest x-ray when assessing the trachea?

Left hilar point should always be higher than right, if altered then pathology 


What are the different lung zones on a chest x-ray?


What fissure can you see on a chest x ray?

Horizontal in the right lung running towards right hilum


How can you overcome seeing nipple markings on a chest x ray?

Stick paperclips on nipples so don't mistake nipples for a mass


What might be the pathology if the 1st rib is not visible on chest x ray?

Pancoast tumour as it erodes the first rib


How do you systematically review a chest x-ray?