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What is a client server network?

A server where most of the files and data are stored

All computers (workstations/clients) connect to the server through a central hub or switch


What is the role of the server in a client-server network?

The server controls access to the network, verifying usernames and passwords of accounts

It provides files to the other computers in the network

It installs software to workstations


What is a shared folder?

A folder created on the server by the network manager

They provide a place where network users can share/store files


What is a network operating system?

A system required in a client server network.

It includes special functions for connecting computers and devices to the LAN


What is a Peer-to-peer network?

A network that does not need a central server (unlike a client server network)

Each computer on the network acts both as a client and a server

Files are stored on the hard disks of individual network machines

All computers on the network have equal status


How is security and privacy managed on a peer-to-peer network?

Each peer controls access to the files and folders which are stored on the machine