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What is the internet?

A worldwide network of networks


What is the World Wide Web?

A collection of websites hosted on web servers


What is an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

A company that provides access to the internet for businesses and individuals


What is a Uniform Resource Locator (URL)?

A URL is the unique web address for every webpage on the internet


What is an IP Address?

A unique ID for a device on a network

Devices need addresses in order to ensure data is sent to the right location


Give an example of an IP address

They are made up of a set of four numbers seperate by a dot

An example is:


What is a static IP address?

A Static IP is an IP address that never changes


What is a dynamic IP Address?

IP addresses that are temporary and assigned to the device every time it accesses the internet


What is an Internet Protocol (IP)?

A system for assigning unique identifying addresses to every device connected to the internet


Define Domain Name System (DNS)

A set of databases linking website domain names to IP addresses for the sites


What is a Domain?

A human-readable address for websites


What is local hosting?

Local hosting is where a website is hosted on your home computer

To do this the PC needs to be serious up as a web server and the web pages are stored locally


What is external hosting?

Where you pay a web hosting company to host your website on one of their servers


What is Shared web hosting?

Where many sites are hosted on the same physical server.

The costs of running the physical server are shared between the user's so shared hosting is a lot cheaper than a dedicated server


What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is where the website is hosted on its own server and does not share the server with any other sites

Dedicated servers are used by companies who have a lot of website traffic

This is the most expensive hosing option


What is a Virtual Server?

Where a powerful server uses specialist software to create many virtual servers within itself

This overcomes many of the issues of using a standard shared hosting service


What is the cloud?

The cloud or cloud computing refers to a range of softwares and services that run on the internet rather than on your PC


Examples of cloud services include...

Online hosting of web page data

Online file and media storage (e.g Dropbox, Google drive)

Streaming services (e.g Netflix, Spotify)

Online backup services (e.g Most)

Online applications (e.g Office 365, Google Docs)

Email services