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What is a hub?

A device that transmits data packets from one computer to all connected computers


What is a switch?

A device that routes data packets to a specific destination rather than broadcasting to every device


What is the difference between a Hub and a Swirch

A hub transmits data packets to all connected devices

A switch transmits it only to a specific destination/device


What is a router?

A device that determines the most efficient path for a data packet to travel


What does the router use to determine the path taken by a data packet?

The list of all networks the router is connected to (routing table)

The destination address of the data packet

The congestion of each of the paths


What is a Wireless Access Point (WAP)?

A device that converts wireless data packets to wired, and back again


How can data be transferred between a wireless device and wired network?

The wireless device transmits data packets to a nearby wireless access point (WAP)

The data packets are then converted into wired data packets and transmitted to the hub or switch that passes them to the destination

The process is also carried out in reverse


What is a Network Interface Card (NIC)?

A chip or card that converts data from a device into a format compatible with a network and vice versa.


What is a Media Access Control (MAC) address?

A unique identifier for a device connecting to a network


What is a data packet?

A chunk of data with a destination address


What is data collision?

When two packets are sent at the exact same time causing them to interfere with one another


What is a hop?

A connection between two routers, forming part of a path


What is Ethernet Cat-5?

A type of copper cable used to physically connect computer network. It's performance is defined in the Ethernet standard