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What are some advantages of a client-server network?

It is easier to install software updates to computers connected to the network

Backing up is more straightforward

Files only go to those who require and request it, instead of going to everyone on a peer-to-peer network because of the common use of a switch in the network


What are some advantages of a Peer-to-peer network

They are cheaper to set up and needs less expensive hardware

No dedicated server unilike a client server network

No need for a networked OS and Network manager like a client-sever network would require


What are some disadvantages of a client-server network?

If the network gets infected it can spread quickly

Loss of a file server is a catastrophe and will cause the network to be pretty much useless/requires a file server


What are some disadvantages of a Peer-to-peer network?

Files are sent to everyone on the network and the device that needed it accepts the offer of the file. (Security issues come with this)

Each user needs to back up their devices seperately