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What is a network?

A group of computers connected together in order to share data


What is a Local Area Network (LAN)?

A network connecting devices in a limited network

Most LANs use physical hardware to connect the hub to the worstation, server and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)


What is a Virtual Network?

Virtual Networks make use of software to partition devices on LAN into smaller groups


What are advantages of a virtual network

What are flexible: it is easy to add or remove computers using software

Software can easily be installed for specific groups of people

Reduced overall network traffic as it is limited to each virtual network

Improved security. If one virtual network is compromised the others are unaffected


What is a VPN?

A virtual private network. A network allowing external devices to connected to a private network via the public WAN (e.g the internet)

This is done using an encrypted connection


What is encryption?

Converting electronic data into code to prevent unauthorised people from reading it

In order to decide it the person receiving the message must be in possession of the private key


What is VPN tunneling?

Encrypting data packets that are to be sent over a public network like the internet