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What is a computer network?

Two or more computing devices connected together in order to share resources


Name at least three examples of network enabled devices


Smart Phones

Network Servers


Smart TVs

Personal Computers


What is a Local Area Network (LAN)?

A Network with two or more network enabled devices connected within a close geographical area (e.g a single building)


What are devices on a LAN normally connected using?

Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables


What is a File Server?

A powerful computer which stores all of the network users files on a central location.

When users log on, their files are served to them


What are some examples of benefits of networks?

They allow for ease of communication, remote access and sharing of resources


Give at least three downsides of using a network in a business

There is a risk of viruses of malware being introduced

There is a possibility of a network failure

There is limited bandwidth

There is a high cost to set up the network

There is a level of technical support required


What is network failure?

When an issue with the server prevents users from accessing or using the network


What happens to viruses and malware on a network?

If a virus or malware is introduced to a network it can quickly spread to all connected nodes.

Because of this anti virus and anti malware software is usually deployed centrally from the server


What are access rights?

Access rights govern what a user can do on a network (e.g install software, delete files etc)

Each user is assigned to a group (e.g student, teacher). Each of these groups are given different permissions to veiw files and folders


What is an Audit log?

An Audit file or log records every event that takes place on the network (e.g who opened a document, the date and time events took place, when a document was last saved and who changed or deleted records etc.)


What is a network backup?

A network backup is used to rollback or restore a network if needed. Backups should be stored in a safe place. Central backups should be made of network files and software.


Why is some data encrypted?

Data travelling around the network should be encrypted for security reasons, especially on a Wi-Fi network where data might be broadcast to all devices


Why could network service be slow?

Too many users may be on the network requesting files and jobs. There is only a limited amount of bandwidth avaliable


What is a Wide Area Network (WAN)?

A WAN connects two or more LANs that are in different geographical locations.


WANs can be connected using...

Fibre Optic Cables

Leased telephone lines

Satellite links

Microwave links