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how many people lack access to clean water?

1.2 billion


how much money is spent each year worldwide in an effort to improve water supplies and sanitation?

$30 billion


What is the definition of the word "commodity"?

More generally, a product which trades on a commodity exchange.


What are some possible pitfalls of water companies?

-they are a feature of a capitalist economy
-they may not deliver water and manage water supplies in a safe and cost effective way
-privatisation can mean that profits come before people
-TNCs don't have the same vested interests as local people


What are some pitfalls of consumers?

-sometimes make excessive use or return "grey water" in an unfit condition. e.g. farming leading to eutrophication of supplies or industry discharging pollution - so water is not safe for others to use
-too much demand for lower prices and efficiency can prevent reinvestment and continued supply.


who do water companies subsidise and exploit?

they subsidise the rich and exploit the poor


In which country is the Guayas river located?

Ecuador (in Guayaquil, the capital city with a population of two million)


What sources of pollution affect the Guayas river?

-untreated domestic and industrial wastewater
-petroleum laden discharges from shipping
-pesticides and fertilisers from farming


How many children were poisoned with hepatitis A in May 2005 as a result of the pollution in the Guayas river?

158 children


up to how many people can 1 barrel of water be shared between in the slums of Guyaquil?

600-800 people are forced to share 1 drum of water


how much can water lorries purchase a barrel of water for?



how much do water vendors sell one barrel for, from door to door?

up to $1600


what problems can people face when relying on water from barrels sold by street vendors?

-they cannot afford it, they can go up to two days without water
-when it does arrive it can be contaminated , e.g. with e.coli


How much do water vendors make per day?

£3.20 (£339/year)


what have some commentators dubbed water as?

'the lubricant of development'


what are water vendors forced to do?

-provide water for homes without any water supply at all
-wake before dawn to fill 25 litre jerry cans
-most will carry 14 at a time (350KGs)
-the roads are dirt tracks, with lots of potholes and sewers running down the middle


what are the problems of water insecurity related to?

-accessibility: having a water supply and distribution network
-access: freedom to use or income to buy water in a particular location
-usage: entitlement to, and understanding of, water use and health issues


What five parameters does the water poverty index (WPI) use?



what are some examples of vocabulary for moral issues?

-desperate measures
-extortionate prices
-power relationships


who has power over the poor people?

-the rich
-high power TNCs that control the water supplies and exploit the poor
-the government; privatising the water supply and neglecting to give economic help to poorer people


how does water become a commodity?

when it becomes something that people buy and trade rather than an easily accessible natural resource. when it is something that people need/want and are willing to pay for it