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What is meant by the Intellectual Crisis?

the "old certainties" such as belief in power of reason, progress in technology, and liberty were replaced by terrible Uncertainties of anxiety and doubt due to the destructive impact of WWI.


Friedrich Nietzsche

forerunner of Existentialism of modern philosophy


Existentialism key ideas:

1. rejected Reason and Science
2. humans live in a hostile world; and god, reason, and progress are myths
3. Person is the sum of his or her actions and choices


Albert Einstein

Theory of Relativity, E=mc2


How did the New Physics challenge the traditional newtonian physics?

Challenged the traditional notions of causality, time, and space by undermining the "Optimistic confidence that people lived in a predictable and orderly world".


Sigmund Freud

the Unconscious
id, superego, and the ego


Art style influenced by Freud?
key characteristics?

- Depicts world of unconscious and Portrays strange objects and symbols of the artist's inner mind


New style of architecture emerging after WWI
Key characteristics?

Bauhaus Architecture
- practical, useful, and functional architecture
- clear straight lines and avoid unnecessary exterior decors


Where did Bauhaus architecture originate? then moved to where? then what did it become known as?

Germany --> United States --> the International Style


Germany's new republic is generally known as:___
- what problems did it face?

- Weimar Republic
- Reparations payments of the Versailles Treaty, and thus printed vast amounts of paper money which caused inflation which destroyed the German middle class


What three optimistic political events occurred in 1920s, concerning peace and Germany?

- The Dawes Plan
- The Locarno Pact
- The Kellogg-Briand Pact


What is the Dawes Plan

American Charles Dawes devised a plan to reestablish a sound German currency and reduce reparation payments.
- Provided a series of American loans which revitalized German economy and ended the inflation


What is the Locarno Pact\

a pact guaranteeing the borders between Germany and France
- important turning pt in Franco-German relations and appeared to offer hope of a new peaceful era btwn these 2 rivals


What is the Kellogg-Briand Pact

62 countries including US signed a pact promising "to renounce war as an instrument of national policy"
- at the time, appeared to bolster the collective security and promote a renewed spirit of optimism