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In what year did Laboratory Animal Medicine become recognized as a veterinary specialty field by the American Veterinary Medical Association? a. 1950 b. 1957 c. 1963 d. 1967

b. 1957


In what year was the name American Board of Lab Animal Medicine changed to the American College of Lab Animal Medicine?



In what year was the Animal Care Panel established?



Who was the first president of the Animal Care Panel?

Nathan Brewer


AALAS was established in what year?



AALAS evolved from what organization?

The Animal Care Panel


ASLAP was founded in what year?



The Laboratory Animal Welfare Act was passed in what year?



Until 1986, the use of animals in the UK was regulated by what law? In what year was that law passed?

The Cruelty to Animals Act of 1876


In 1952, Dr. Paul Weiss, then chairman of the Division of Biology and Agriculture of the National Research Council appointed what committee to improve and standardize animal supply & quality?

Committee on Animal Resources


The Committee on Animal Resources has evolved into what organization?



Which of the following is an example of a sexual dimorphism in Mus musculus? a. In adult males, the parietal layer of Bowman’s capsule is lined by cuboidal epithelium b. Relative to males, the serous cells of the parotid salivary glands in mature females contain more secretory granules c. Males have well-developed preputial glands as compared with females d. Mature females have higher granulocyte counts than do males e. The tonsils in male mice are larger than in females

a. In adult males, the parietal layer of Bowman’s capsule is lined by cuboidal epithelium


Describe sexually dimorphic features of mouse salivary glands.

Submandibular salivary glands in sexually mature males are nearly twice the size as females and parotid salivary glands are also larger. Male submandibular glands have increased secretory granules in the cytoplasm of serous cells.


T/F: Both male and female mice have well developed preputial glands

True (P&B pg. 10)


What is most likely true concerning the muscle rigidity seen in this animal? 

a. The degree of the muscle rigidity is directly proportional to the amount of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) given
b. This condition is rarely seen following the use of EMLA cream for vasodilation of tail veins prior to blood collection
c. This is a common reaction following intravenous administration of mu-agonist opioids
d. This condition is common in male mice during reproduction and is a result of pheromones acting on the hypothalamic-pituitary axis 

c. This is a common reaction (Straub phenomenon) following intravenous administration of mu-agonist opioids


What type of anesthesia circuit is this?
a. Magill circuit
b. Bain circuit
c. Mapleson-E circuit
d. Jackson-Rees circuit
e. Mapleson-A circuit

d. Jackson-Rees circuit


What is the normal hematocrit range in the male ferret?

a.             25-37%

b.             38-44%

c.              47-59%

d.             61-72%

c.              47-59%


Name two common causes of splenomegaly in ferrets.

Extramedullary hematopoeisis, isoflurane anesthesia, secondary to another dz, such as lymphoma, insulinoma; it is usually insignificant in ferrets


When performing blood transfusions in ferrets, cross-matching should be performed to avoid transfusion reactions.

Not necessarily --> ferrets have no naturally occurring antibodies against unmatched erythrocyte antigens


Fill in the blank: ferrets are _______ breeders and ______ ovulators.

Seasonal and induced


Which statement is true about Pseudoloma neurophilia infection in zebrafish (Danio rerio)?
a. Emaciation and spinal curvature are pathognomonic clinical signs
b. Once infected with the protozoa clinical signs in adult fish appear within a week
c. Washing zebrafish embryos in bleach is ineffective in destroying spores
d. Transmission is by ingestion of infected eggs

c. Washing zebrafish embryos in bleach is ineffective in destroying spores


What kind of organism is Pleistophora hyphessobryconis is what kind of organsim (bacteria, virus, etc.) and what lab animal does it infect?

Microsporidian parasite of zebrafish; it is commonly known as "neon tetra disease" because it infects neon tetra


What viral infection in hamsters causes malformed & missing incisors in suckling and weanling animals?



Hamster polyoma virus is associated with what disease of hamsters?

Transmissible Lymphoma: causes skin tumors & lymphoproliferative dz


Name the host of the Sin Nombre virus, an animal present throughout the western and central US and Canada.

deer mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus)


What is the phenomenon depicted in this picture?

It occurs in what lab animal species in response to eosinophilic gastroenteritis?


Splendore-Hoeppli material: seen the lymph nodes of ferrets with eosinophilic gastroenteritis


What is the most commonly diagnosed tumor in ferrets?

Functional pancreatic islet cell tumor = Insulinoma


What is the second most commonly diagnosed tumor in ferrets?

What are the common clinical signs associated with this tumor?

Adrenocortical cell tumor

Weight loss and bilateral, symmetric alopecia


Name 4 conditions commonly diagnosed in the aging ferret.



Eosinophilic gastroenteritis



What is the most commonly reported integumentary tumor of ferrets?

Mast cell tumor


Which of the following diseases in ferrets is often characterized by a hypergammaglobulinemia?
a. Aleutian disease
b. Canine distemper
c. Influenza
d. Rotavirus

a. Aleutian disease


Which CDV vaccine is provides protective immunity to ferrets?

MLV, killed, both

MLV provides protective immunity, killed/inactivated vaccines do not elicit consistent protective immunity and are not recommended


What are the two phases of CDV infection in ferrets?

Name clinial signs associated with each phase.

Catarrhal phase: anorexia, pyrexia, photosensitivity, serous nasal discharge, erythematous & pruritic rash from chin to inguinal region

CNS phase: ataxia, tremors, paralysis 


Your ferret colony has been infected with CDV.  What clinical course do you expect?

CDV infection is uniformly fatal in ferrets


Which statement regarding Tyzzer’s disease in hamsters is correct?
a. Usually involves the lower ileum, cecum, and colon
b. Results in hepatic necrosis
c. Causative organism stains with Giemsa or silver stains
d. May result in soiling of the perineum
e. All of the above

e. All of the above


What is the etiologic agent of Tyzzer's disease?

Clostridium piliforme


Name the laboratory animal species affected by Tyzzer's disease.

Gerbil, guinea pig, hamsters, mouse, rabbit, rat, white-footed, white-tailed rat, horses too!


What is the most common site of polycystic disease in Syrian hamsters?

Liver - the disease is also known as Polycystic Liver Disease


Which test method for regulatory hazard classification testing of substances for ocular toxicity has been recommended by the Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Validation of Alternative Methods and accepted by federal agencies as an alternative to the use of the rabbit Draize eye test?
a. Hen’s egg test – chorioallantoic membrane test
b. Isolated rabbit eye test
c. Isolated chicken eye test
d. Luminescent bacterial toxicity test
e. Thermophilus motility assay

c. Isolated chicken eye test


What is a Draize test?

The Draize Test is an acute toxicity test devised in 1944 by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) toxicologists John H. Draize and Jacob M. Spines. Initially used for testing cosmetics, the procedure involves applying 0.5mL or 0.5g of a test substance to the eye or skin of a restrained, conscious animal, and then leaving it for set amount of time before rinsing it out and recording its effects


What is a Swan-Ganz catheter and what is it used to measure?

Swan-Ganz catheter is also known as a pulmonary artery catheter and is used to measure cardiac output by thermodilution


What are the three major orders of birds that are used in biomedical research?

Passeriformes - song birds (e.g. zebra finches)

Columbriformes - pigeons 

Galliformes - chickens


22. Which statement is true about Babesia spp. infection in Papio cynocephalus anubis (olive baboon)?
a. Is transferred to the mammalian host via feces of ixodes ticks
b. Is transferred to the mammalian host via the saliva of the argasid ticks
c. Sporozoites enter the WBC and undergo asexual reproduction
d. Are seen as “signet ring” piroplasms in blood smears
e. Always cause clinical signs and hemolytic anemia

d. Are seen as “signet ring” piroplasms in blood smears


What is Hashimoto's disease?  Describe the animal model.

Hashimoto's disease is autoimmune thyroiditis

A mouse model is available for experimental autoimmune thyroiditis that is induced by injection of mouse or human thryroglobulin resulting in autoimmune thyroiditis


27. Because they readily engage in reproductive behavior in the laboratory, which bird has served as a valuable model for the study of neuroendocrine control of reproductive and social behaviors?
a. Sparrow
b. Japanese quail
c. Chicken
d. Barn owl
e. Canary

b. Japanese quail


Name the two clinical syndromes of simian AIDS associated with SRV, but not SIV infection.

Noma & fibromatosis


With which type of fibromatosis is SRV/D-1 and SRV/D-2 associated?

SRV/D-1 - subcutaneous fibromatosis 

SRV/D-2 - retroperitoneal fibromatosis


29. Due to ease of access to their auditory system, which bird is an important model for studying the structure and function of the inner ear?
a. Tyto alba
b. Columba livia
c. Taeniopygia guttata
d. Coturnix coturnix japonica
e. Gallus domesticus 

e. Gallus domesticus 


What is Tyto alba?

Barn owl


Name the genus & species & common name for this animal.

Tyto alba - Barn owl


What is Columba livia?



What is Taeniopygia guttata?

Zebra finch



Name the genus & species & common name of this animal.

Taeniopygia guttata - Zebra finch


What is Coturnix coturnix japonica?

Japanese quail


Name the genus & species & common name of this animal.

Coturnix coturnix japonica - Japanese quail


What is Gallus domesticus?



Regarding AWA reg's regarding transport of NHPs: If the ventilation openings are located on 2 opposite walls, each opening must be at least what percent of the total surface area of the wall?


16 percent


Regarding AWA reg's regarding transport of NHPs: If the ventilation openings are located on 4 walls, each opening must be at least what percent of the total surface area of the wall?

8 percent


According the AWA regulations, can NHPs of different species be transported in adjacent or connecting primary enclosures?



Describe the space requirements for NHPs required during transport.

Primary enclosures must be large enought so that each animal contained in the primary enclosure has enough space to turn around freely in a normal manner and to sit in an upright, hands down position without its head touching the top of the enclosure.


With regard to transportation of NHPs, the AWA stipulates that for primary enclosures permanently affixed to the conveyance must be what percent of the total area of the front wall of the enclosure?

90 percent


What is the formula in the AWA used to calculate space requirement for dogs?

Length of dog = tip of nose to base of tail in inches

[(length of dog + 6)(length of dog + 6)]/144 = space requirement in square inches


Define a recirculating life support system for aquatic species.

Water (all or part) is moved around a system


Define a flow through life support system for aquatic species.

Water is constantly replaced


Define a static life support system for aquatic species.

Water is stationary and periodically replaced


What is a Long-Evans cinnamon (LEC) rat?

An inbred rat strain that carries a mutation that causes fulminant hepatitis and jaundice leading to death within a week after onset at approximately four months of age.  


What the hell is this machine??

Primary dual energy x-ray aborptiometry


What is the phenotype of the GEPR rat?

Seizures --> GEPR = genetically epilepsy-prone rat;  selected for moderate susceptibility to audiogenic stimuli-induced seizures


What breed of dogs with hereditary von Willebrand disease have undetectable levels of von Willebrand factor (vWF), resulting in spontaneous haemorrhage of mucosal surfaces similar to the clinical picture of von Willebrand disease in humans

Dutch Kooiker