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Name the three phases of a warm up

1. Pulse raiser
2. Stretching
3. Skills practice


What is the purpose of a warm up?

Prevent injury
Improve performance
Practice skills prior to the event
Prepare psychologically for the event


Give three different examples of a pulse raiser

Jogging around the football pitch
Cycling on a static bike at the side of the pitch


How long should the pulse raiser take?

About 10 minutes. How long depends on the level of the performer. Elite athletes usually warm up for longer


What are the two types of stretching?

Static - help on the spot
Dynamic - moving stretches, often more difficult to perform


Why is the phase of the warm up stretching important?

Slowly stretch muscles, ligaments and tendons so that during performance they can cope with the demands better without becoming injured


How should you select the stretches to do as part of a warm up?

The muscles being stretched should be the muscles being used in the sport. It is also important to think about the movements of the sport and complete stretches similar to these movements


What is the purpose of the third phase of the warm up, skill practice?

Practice skills and movements needed in the competition
Help prepare the person mentally


Give examples of a skills practice for Tennis, throwing in athletics and cricket

Tennis - forehand, backhand and volleys fed to be a coach or other player
Throwing events - practice throws, building up the intensity
Cricket - catching, bowling and throwing with conditions applied


What is the purpose of a cool down?

Gradually return the body to normal resting heart rate and temperature
Helps prevent stiffness and soreness


Does a cool down help prevent injury?

NO no no no no no


What should a cool down consist of?

Gentle exercises such as jogging and skipping to return heart rate to resting
Stretches - held for about 30 seconds